View Full Version : Other Bugs I have found thus far.

Dr Hooligan
12-13-2015, 10:20 PM
FPS is very low. with 2 players on i have a 4-27 fps. 1 player will see 30-50 fps. client side fps for me is 50+ though.
spawning really messes up process use.

Game Client:
Some zombies slide or skate instead of walk/run
Game stutters a lot.
Using godmod can cause it so you can only move in front/back and left right. no up and down. gotta restart the game to fix it.
More stutters (yes, this is a tad annoying)
Game sound bugs out on me. especially when using Teamspeak. all system sound will go out. (edit: i use a usb soundcard, long story)
Rocket launcher schematic can be reused to ulock many other recipes when reading from the toolbelt(old option).. pretty much all recipes.
Misculaneous crafting skill just raises at random.
AK front and rear sites do not line up. the front site is higher than the rear site.
Cannot use steel arrows even though they are in my inventory. maybe the keyboard shortcut is not working or has been changed.

Advised ideas:
Give the AK a stock. it will look better"

Server hardware:
2x Xeon at 3.1ghz
8 gigs ram + 3.8 gigs ram from gpu dedicated to system use and not graphics.

Gaming rig:
Dual quad Xeons @ 2.66ghz
16 gigs ram
Quadro FX4600 GPU