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06-21-2016, 06:02 AM
I am using Magolis 21 pack and I am trying to get a seed full of more smaller towns and 4 or 8 block towns than wasteland cities. Id prefer only one or two major cities and a whole lot more small towns. What numbers do i need to mess with in the rwg xml to see this happen?

As of now no matter what i try i am getting wasteland cities even in the middle of the forest, id prefer more smaller forest like neighborhoods

06-21-2016, 06:51 AM
Short answer is adjust the low and high density cell rules.

Long answer -

<ruleset name="vanilla" cell_cache_size="16" cell_size="1600" cell_offset="0.3" generation_distance="10000">
<cell_rule name="wastelandHub" position="0,0" prob="0"/>
<cell_rule name="lowDensity" prob="0.1"/>
<cell_rule name="highDensity" prob="1"/>
<cell_rule name="AsiaHub" position="2,2" prob="0"/>
<cell_rule name="SlumsHub" position="-2,-2" prob="0"/>
<cell_rule name="ThemeParkHub" position="-4,-4" prob="0"/>
<cell_rule name="TWD_PrisonHub" position="2,-1" prob="0"/>
<cell_rule name="Area51Hub" position="4,-4" prob="0"/>
<cell_rule name="NFLstadiumHub" position="-1,3" prob="0"/>
<cell_rule name="RaceTrackStadiumHub" position="2,-2" prob="0"/>
<cell_rule name="Lim_PrisonHub" position="3,-1" prob="0"/>
<cell_rule name="IndustrialHub" position="-1,2" prob="0"/>
<cell_rule name="BBallStadiumHub" position="1,1" prob="0"/>
<cell_rule name="medic_Hub" position="3,1" prob="0"/>
<cell_rule name="CustomTownHub" position="0,3" prob="1"/>

all of the cells with a position will always spawn there, so you might want to move those further out if you want more towns closer to the hub.
One possible issue with the compo21 ruleset is the final cell rule having a prob=1 could mean all of the prob=0 cells before it could actually spawn in other places as well. (reason is a long explanation about maths)

In the high density you have a good chance of getting a city:

<cell_rule name="highDensity">
<cave_count value="2,6"/>
<path_material value="asphalt"/>
<path_radius value="7"/>
<hub_rule name="ruralHub01" prob="0.7"/>
<hub_rule name="oldWestTown" prob="0.2"/>
<hub_rule name="cityCommon" prob="0.6"/>
<hub_rule name="wastycity" prob="0.4"/>
<hub_rule name="WastyTown" prob="0.3"/>
<hub_rule name="CoronadoCity" prob="0.2"/>
<hub_rule name="townSmall" prob="0.2"/>
<wilderness_rule name="wildernessDefault" prob="1"/>

Try increasing the probs for townSmall and reduce the others

It's not how I would do it but I'm not going to pick apart mags great work and would rather create my own mixer from scratch :)

06-21-2016, 07:36 AM
thanks stompy, much appreciated

08-14-2016, 02:36 PM
if it is about the compo-pack I have the similar preference, 1-3 large cites, many smaller towns (4-6 blocks) and street crosses with 3-4 buildings, spread out on the map so players have to explore, similar to regular random gen. How did it go with the settings, did it work?

This is the settings Im testing. what you think about this settings, what will the consequence be?

<ruleset name="vanilla" cell_cache_size="16" cell_size="1600" cell_offset="0.3" generation_distance="14000">
<cell_rule name="wastelandHub" position="0,0" prob="0"/>
<cell_rule name="lowDensity" prob="0.1"/>
<cell_rule name="highDensity" prob="0.1"/>

<cell_rule name="lowDensity">

<!-- <hub_rule name="townLarge" prob="0.6" /> -->
<hub_rule name="townSmall" prob="0.8" />

<wilderness_rule name="wildernessDefault" />

<cell_rule name="highDensity">

<!-- <hub_rule name="townLarge" prob="0.2" /> -->
<hub_rule name="townSmall" prob="0.6" />