View Full Version : Console - PS4 - Multiplayer progress "lost"

06-28-2016, 03:40 PM

I've read the 'Multiplayer' section and it didn't feel a question belonged there.
So here it goes, for the record I also checked on the IRC but no luck there.

Person A starts a new game and becomes host, person B joins. Plays for 5 hours, builds a base together put some stuff in stash and stuff. Person A goes to bed. Person B is up early and wants to farm some wood for example but Person A the HOST is offline.

How can we play together but still have the option to progress apart from each other if needed?
On IRC I was told on PC you would rent a dedicated server, I used to do that on different games on PC as well.

But right now I'm a bit clueless how Person B can play without Person A.

For the record, I'm person A and my friend is B, we got the game few days early.

Thanks a lot.

06-28-2016, 06:03 PM
If you host, all the data from your local server is stored on your side. They wouldn't be able to play and continue unless your "server" was up and online.

What you're asking for would really only work with a separate dedicated server that you both would connect to. I'm going to have to start figuring this stuff out for the PS4, but first I'll need to get a copy of the game for that platform.