View Full Version : Stuck at Building Screen (PS4)

06-30-2016, 08:26 PM
Okay so let me start off by saying I really do love this game but the bugs are killing me which you are already aware but I am on Playstation 4 using SCEA. I am using the disk along with the group I am in. The type of game we were playing was Navezgane on the Feral difficulty, it was around day 35 I think, and all if our characters were the original ones ( I know about the Clint and Miguel) bug. We were playing multiplayer and it kicked me out first and I couldn't join no ones game including our main one until an hour or so passed then the host of our group got kicked out while we were scavenging a city and it said it corrupted it also before that occurred a lot of lagging and frame rate dropping occurred and it was daytime as well and I just hope we do not lose all the progress we made. Also we sent media files to you guys every time we had an issue. Also my username is "taylormadetgod". I just hope you guys get it fixed because this game is amazing especially for console people anyways please help me and have a good day.