View Full Version : [PS4] idea and change for ps4

07-13-2016, 02:25 PM
Hello I allows me to post this message because I think it would be interesting to make the change in the order of priority for ps4 release.
-The Corrupt backup data (cloud, usb is not a solution)
-The game crash (during excavation, fight)
- The lag in game +++
-fix map bug (no texture..)
-fix sonore bug (noise of chainsaw conitnue 10 min after used)

For multiplayer: now the big problem is the save system, in fact we do not choose the server which can be join, and our character (level, stuff) is save in function of host. We don't see the host and for join a game is random so when you join the game you restart... it s not intersting. The most simple is a board with the details of servor, with the number of player, the map and option of game (like in all game in this style). You'r profile is save in function of servor.
i think 4 players for this kind of game in a map like nazegane and with this fog war its impossible to see others players. So the idea to have 32 players by servor it's very intersting at the moment the stability is quarantie. In this way create bandit IA is not interesting cause normally the players is the bandit (or sherrif, depending of action of players). for summary muliplayer modification :
-board of servor, join and save in function of name servor
-increase max number of player.

An over intersting point is to create POI multiplayer (safe zone for troc, mission of exploration, kill PNJ, resist to horde etc...).

Moreover some idea for the game will be intersting like :
-the possibility to change directily the item between player (interact with square) cause sometime u lose item when u put in floor.
-reduce general hyperthermia cause we are always nude, if we wear some clothes it's the hyperthermia
-bar search in menu of fabrication with ps4 the writting board is easy and more simply for search directly item like in pc
-increase the vision (fog war) or add binocular (cause fog war is very reduce).
-emote for multiplayer to have an idea of intention when we meet an other player.

Thank for your consideration and reading, sorry for the fault i'm french. this game is very intersting but perfectible.We have lot of hope and we trust you for realize a very good game, congragulation for the work did and the follow of this game (patch ps4).