View Full Version : [PS4] Disappearing bag and minibike

07-16-2016, 12:41 AM
Yesterday I died in my friend's game on day 130. After running back to retrieve my bag, for what ever reason when I got close it disappeared from the map. I lost 2 purple flawless weapons (a sniper rifle and pistol) as well as a all my ammo. Frustrated I returned to base. Moments later, that same day while riding my mini bike, I hopped off to grab a birds nest. Literally less than 30seconds later I turned to get back on the bike and it had disappeared.

If you cannot fix this where my items are returned I wish for a refund. I refuse to have to spend more time and have to reloot these already near impossible items.

I do enjoy this game. However it is riddled with bugs and this, it seems is the last straw. My user name on the ps4 is "f0bsQu4dl" and my friends user is "dilleo27" and his map or game name is "OMG WTF".

I wish to reiterate that if you cannot return these items to me I will contact PlayStation Network and request a refund.