View Full Version : [PS4] Lost Game (PS4)

07-16-2016, 11:14 AM
Hi guys
Ive spent the last 72 hours almost straight on PS4 building a Base out of reinforced concrete I even had it sunk underground (by 6 blocks down) with a reinforced floor.
I logged in this morning after my first real nights sleep only to find out my games gone from the server.
Theres no longer a function to continue from where I left of I can only start a new game or join someone else.
A messaged briefly popped up on screen saying gameplay has been paused as you entered a blocked scene.
Can someone from support tell me firstly... what does that mean why is it paused and why has the game entered a blocked scene and secondly where's my game and how do I get it back.
I've put in too much time to loose is so any helps good guys.