View Full Version : [XB1] I need help my 7 Day's to Die game is stuck ob Building Enviorment screen

07-19-2016, 08:25 PM
Hello Everyone I bought this game for my xboxone and have played it but it continues to crash is has crash over 10 times 3 times I have made a NEW single player game save and 1st and 2nd single player Nevegene map but 2 of them have got stuck on the Building Enviroment Screen I have tried the fixes I have seen on the web page clear the xboxone cache/power button reset, restart the xbox one, restarted my modem, change to a difrent charcther, uninstalled the "The Walking Dead DLC " I went to Microsoft tech support also and they instructed me to come to the game designer's and still no remeady or solution
I also beta tested the steam PC Ver of this game on the Steam Platform last year and have over 332 hours of gaming/testing time and on the steam platform. I have lost over 10 difrent single player world/map that I have created there because the game kept crashing and freezing it crashed over 30 to 50 times so thinking the game was complete I bought it at the XBOXONE Microsoft store on my XBOXONE and also The Walking Dead DLC for the game but it's doing the same thing that it did when I tested 7dtd the PC Last year I need help, remedy or solution for a fix for the XBOXone ver creating a new map after you spent 30 hours to 40 hours building a base is not the correct idea, and so far it has got stuck twice that's 60 hours to 80 hours of wasted time on a game that's still not developed

Please Help me with a game fix or solution that works!

07-19-2016, 11:09 PM
The map is toast. I mothballed this game until it turns into a working product. Maybe the late July patch will fix it.