View Full Version : A few things to avoid to not crash as frequently

07-26-2016, 12:46 AM
1. Excessive traps (large quantity of spikes etc)

2. Excessive torches (torches provide light in much needed areas but the animation and idle animated shadows from each will eat up your resources fast.) I recommend spotlights if possible since theres no animation and idle animated shadows. And use the miners hat if going in dark areas.

3. Multiplayer avoid going your own ways if possible and if your playing with friends stay close together. Everytime the game does its save to the host it records every players location as well and all environment around that player.

4. Traveling far distances quickly. (Ie using things like minibikes cause the most crashes in multiplayer, but even happen in solo play if you travel too far in between auto saves and it has to save too much data at once causing thr RAM to overfill before it can save all the information and release RAM uses. Its 10x worse in multiplayer so id your gonna use the bike try to not travel as far as fast as you usually do.

5. Multiplayer event syncing. Crazy lag spikes is because things like durability loss, damage taken, given, statuses, etc is real time synced, if too much event syncing is taking place, that also causes host system to run out of RAM causing the crash. Example: horde of zombies appear and they hit you, walls, etc you get a nice lagspike, thats the one.

6. The thing i hate the most, whever minibikes take a 1% durability hit. Sometimes for no reason at all. If your by yourself its not that big of a problem. But when playing with friends, each time you hear that "crunch" everyones game freezes instantly and each time it happens. If it crunches more than a few times say goodbye to your game and probably your bike too if the last auto save was you riding it.

Good luck stay safe and dont die.

07-26-2016, 06:13 AM
7. Don't play as much.

07-26-2016, 12:10 PM
Hi Hiloboys,

Moving this to General Support as you are not reporting a bug.