View Full Version : Zombies spawn within my base???

08-11-2016, 02:10 PM
I built a large house out in a forest area next to a large lake. My friends and I then dug a moat about 3 blocks deep and filled it with spikes. There is about 5 or blocks between the house and the moat all the way around the house, and screamers plus other zombies spawn randomly in packs on the house side of the moat. Is there any way to stop this from happening on the Xbox version? What's the point of building a base and fortifying around it if they are just going to spawn right next to the house? Need tips or advice.

08-11-2016, 03:41 PM
did you place a sleepingbag?

08-11-2016, 04:14 PM
place sleaping bags stager them so each of you and yur friends cover as much total area, if this still fails to cover it, dig up that 5 block gap and replace the dirt zombies cant spawn on player placed blocks

08-11-2016, 05:33 PM
Thanks for the information. I'm going to try spacing out the sleeping bags in the house to each corner, and also place a layer of sand or dirt all over the inside of walls of our base....i'll update yall tomorrow if this worked or not

08-11-2016, 07:49 PM
I read somewhere on the forum and it seems to reflect as true that placing blocks even dirt will cause zombies not to spawn. as in zombies wont spawn on user created blocks. my largest above ground base is completely covered in brick ground and everything out to the first wall ditch 30 x 30 ish and the ditch is now bricked in too. any place we didnt fill has spikes and we built it on or rather around a prefab. I have seen zombies spawn in the outer field where there is less spikes and regular dirt inside our 2nd wall which seems to support the theory. I only go back every few days now to check on the place and I have definitely waited the 8 day respawn at times since that base is mroe just for show now. There might be like 1 or 2 bodies in the moat but never anything inside the interior complete bricked in part ever.

08-15-2016, 03:39 PM
So I have survived an entire day without zombies spawning within my base now. Instead of placing dirt or blocks all within the base, I used a garden hoe and tilled every piece of dirt between my house and the spike wall/moat. I will update this post later if zombies start spawning within my base again, but so far this has worked! Thanks for your help everyone!