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08-15-2016, 02:45 AM
Naz map (random gen maps issues are the same with a few added down below)
Standard settings multiplayer

1. Ferals and cops are nearly none existent since last patch even in towns. Though after three horde nights finally on day 168 horde a few showed up.

2. Horde night lags. There doesn't seem to be much issue except when ferals and cops are involved. Horde nights when they were no shows the hordes were easily managed however the one horde might they showed on day 168 the lag made it so intolerable that gun reloads and firing made it impossible to aim correctly and (if not properly protected with iron bars surrounding you which thankfully I was) impossible to survive and deal with the horde.

3. If the bodies of zombies begin piling up they begin to phase out of view making it impossible to loot yet you can not walk through where the bodies were. Had a stack of bodies infront of my door disappear for instance yet I could not exit. Reloading the game seems to fix this however only the disappeared bodies show while the other corpse that were visible but couldn't loot yet (due to distance from my cage) disappeared including the few zombies that were still roaming.

4. Motorbikes still disappear if force closes happen during the game and your riding them. Though I will admit the lag seems less while riding them since the patch.

5. Multiplayer since the last patch is simply single player given that no one can join my maps more then a few seconds at a time. This includes new players and people who previously had been on my map before. I don't know if this is a USA issue given that a friend in England can join other players maps and have people join his however none of us from the US can participate with him. A friend from Australia also could not join his, mine or anyone else's maps either.

6. Loot. Everything from standard roaming zombies and spider zombies continuously drop nothing but medical supplies, food, clothing and a few minor odds and ends. Sometimes you might get lucky with a schematic. Only the cops and ferals drop weaponry and parts. So since they are nearly none existent it's making it hard to upgrade and resupply. Especially since it is unclear how long it takes for buildings to regenerate loot. I'm on day 171 and only a handful of places have ever regenerated minor loot items. The Working Stiff for example in Perishton and Diversvil have yet to respawn any items.

7. Random kicking from the game has decreases thankfully but it is still a problem. This is low priority though since ofcourse it's now not nearly as sever as it use to be.

8. Random respawning of previous doors that have been destroyed and replaced is still a small problem. This only seems to occur when your away from the area for an extended period. I manage two bases depending on where I'm savaging and if I'm away from one to long this seems to happen.

9. Frame work such as cobblestone frames phase out. This is easily avoided by just turning cobblestones into flagstones and avoiding using the frames all together. Also helps boost character levels so low priority.

10. Vitamins say they give .5 wellness however it usually takes a handful of them to actually raise 1 point of wellness.

11. Overheating seems to be resolved unless your trying to stay in the desert or burned forest areas. Simply throw on some forged iron gear and this resolves most over heating problems. If you don't have a forge then don't stay in these two areas. So great job on that.

12. elevation +16 coords 758 n 1285 w
Building towers and structures at this height blocks begin to crumble and fall apart even if supported by several beams. I've attempted to build a tower structure with mobile spotlights on it hoping to attract zombies over hill sides and such only to find various blocks would crumble for no reason or crumble with just a single block on top of it. While the same height a block or two over would hold solid. I'm not sure if there's any specific cause or if designers hadn't figured on a player building that high. The structures built (such as a tower) from the lowest elevation possible below ground, straight up to the top dirt seems to hold just fine. However no matter the width or support given structures don't seem to be able to exceed +16 elevation at this location.

13. Unable to unally players. This is a problem when someone decides to destroy your hard work and if your allied to them then your left with only one option and that's to log off and stop playing for awhile so they can't just rejoin back if they are following you on xbox since they can just rejoin your game again.

Normal multiplier settings

1. Roads that dead end with no buildings or houses near.

2. Lack of buildings to initially hide in and scavenge in order to build skills and supplies.

3. 0.0 obviously always has a city. But loot doesn't not respawn if a player is near by. In order to travel away from the city to find other areas to scavange you may be stuck traveling for 12-18 in game hours before actually finding a structure. Almost guaranteeing you'll be stuck out at night with runner zombies or spending two to three days straight attempting to recover your backpack.

4. Motorbikes are essentially the only way to get around outside of 0.0 however as explained before motorbikes have issues disappearing which could cause you to lose your entire inventory being unable to travel back to your bag if your killed. Making scavaging overly risky to the point that if your unable to acquire specific items early on in the game your Better off reloading your whole game and trying again. It's only worth playing a random gen if your lucky to hit the jack pot early on basically.

Hope I haven't missed anything.

Thanks for your time.