View Full Version : [XB1] "Waiting for server" error

08-15-2016, 06:47 PM
Im not sure which angle of attack is the best, so ill just plop all the information down.

Just moved to a new house, internet connects/works fine. I can play ark, madden, destiny multiplayer with no problem. I can also host a server on 7dtd for one other person, as soon as a third goes to join the 2nd gets kicked and replaced. This is a new issue since the move, i used to have 3 friends on with randoms joining no issue. Ive also not had issues connecting to other players, now when joining friends i get a "waiting for server" screen during load until it kicks me from load and gives me another error message telling me to try again later. This is my main problem. Ive changed characters, had friends change theirs, power cycled modem, router, xbox in proper order, reset mac address, changed routers, etc. This problem has been consistent for the past week or so. I would greatly appreciate some timely support as i have convinced 2 of my friends to buy and play the game, and now i cant play with them.