View Full Version : Floating prefabs. New to prefabs, New to Hals prefab editor. 2 questions!

08-29-2016, 08:02 PM
Just recently started messing around with prefabs. Anyways, Using hals world editor and for example if i type in bbb ip xcostum_UnionStation(by_BuLLeTZ) the prefabs tend to float or protrude from the ground. I know this is a problem on my end, I just don't exactly know how to fix it. Hals prefab editor has 100+ pages and this forum doesnt have a ''Search thread'' function as far as i can see.

I know i can enter coordinates for the prefab, But i don't know if i can set the height for it? I know there is a prefab size in the xml, but i haven't tried messing with that.

Also, I haven't played with the world editor at all (any time i enter my IP, Port and try to load my world it gives me errors so i gave up) Atm I'm just using the bbb commands and hoping i can plop things down and cheese my way to a fun world to play in. So far it has been good....Other than the protruding prefabs, lol. Been using the auto fill blocks for hours and i gave up to look for a more efficient way to do this. Leveling the ground with auto fill is so time consuming. So yeah, If anyone can help me fix that i would greatly appreciate it. If there is a bbb command to lower and raise prefabs let me know. Otherwise i guess ill have to figure out how to get the actual world editor working.


-How do i lower and raise prefabs via bbb commands so i can make them level with the ground? (if this is even possible)