View Full Version : [PS4] backpack dissapeared

09-13-2016, 06:56 PM
hey all

heres a frustrating one i had last night

whilst running away from the hord and zombie beers i died as normal. so once the daylight reappeared i ventured out to retrieved my bag of goods.
so i go over to the bag icon on the map and its not therei spin around and go over the icon again its not there. so i thought well maybe its like the bike bug and its sunk to bedrock so i go back make a steel pickaxe and grab the wood frames.
i get back to the backpack icon and start digging straight down ontop of the bag icon on the compass all the way down to the chime of bedrock and nothing its not there, i dig forward 1 block and its not there, dig up back up so now i have a 2 square shaft all the way down to bedrock and nothing the icon is still there.

i have no idea where it is i took a video of me doing this which ill upload to youtube for a laugh. buit does anyone have any ideas... i had 100s of forged steel and concrete in the bag :(

09-13-2016, 08:48 PM
You backpack can be destroyed, it may be a bug if the icon still shows afterwards.