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09-16-2016, 01:48 PM
Being an owner of 2 Xbox One copies and One copy for my computer, I love this game.

One reason why this game is excelling on console is the split screen support. My girlfriend and I love this game. She actually bought it and got me started on it. Now we spend all of our free time playing together. It's amazing, and magical for us. Very therapeutic as well.

We love RWG, but after the lack of POIs we've been playing Navezgane this time around. Having loads of fun because we haven't played it in so long it feels "'newer".

After patch 3 they fixed the Horde Night Lag. It was horrible.

Now, I know that stuttering is still an issue and will continue to be an issue. It does not bother me at all because it happens maybe once every 20-30 minutes. No big deal. However, on Horde night- for split screen- the stuttering is kicking up pretty hard. It seems to kick up at the beginning and smooth itself out. But I will say for the time that it does stutter it is ALMOST unplayable until it smooths itself out. Horde night starts at 22:00 and it was smooth at 0100 or so. I will capture/video the issue. In fact, last night when the Horde started while it was stuttering- it caused the game to crash.

Just thought that I would compliment the split screen services that have been implemented in this version, and bring up an (small-ish) issue that could cause complications for other players with less patience.

Thanks for reading,
- Glock

09-29-2016, 11:42 AM
Completely agree Glockufy.

7 days deserves mad praise for including splitscreen. for me and my wife it completely brings this game to life, we love it.

We too suffer the lag and crashes, but still can't stop playing this game. REALLY hoping splitscreen gets some TLC as it seems to be one of the most popular features for us console players.

BTW on a side note, if your girlfriend plays zombie survival games with you... she's a keeper!!