View Full Version : Map doesnt gen past Radation

09-22-2016, 01:18 AM
Which map gen is better to find citys random gen or navzgen map on the nav one i cant go past the radiation the map wont gen i made a boreder for the red line and my map is pretty small

09-23-2016, 01:41 PM
Radiation zone is the map border. Madmole has talked about expanding it on the pc and eventually we may get it expanded but this will only happen if they decide to add more areas that won't fit in the already existing navezgane map.

10-07-2016, 12:06 AM
Navezgane is kinda like a tutorial area. It gives you enough to play for a little bit and understand the game. Random gen is a infinte world (To my understanding) and has no borders. ut RG has a bug that prevents POIs from spawning. So you only really have one option.

10-07-2016, 10:03 AM
.... Random gen is a infinte world (To my understanding) and has no borders.....

Random Gen isnt an Infinite world, but is alot larger than Naz.

Whilst POI's are bugged it is still playable and there is normally a "Town" of sorts at coords 0,0 on the map.

Even without POI's through Supply drops and the Burning/Crumbling zones there is enough around to loot to do fine.