View Full Version : [question] Yoffset for Wasteland_hub prefabs

11-01-2016, 05:27 PM
I conceived a small visual alteration Wasteland_hub in RWG.
My task is to add to main-type cities - the cities that have the soil, instead of destroyedstone (just terrainFfiller in cityBlocks).

it should look like this:

I have two option to do this. But I ran into problems.
We know that cityBlocks add +1 to the height of the spawn the prefab (relative to terrain).

1. in cityBlocks I replaced the layer destroyedstone on terrainFiller. But as it is above the terrain - it remains empty and prefabs hanging in the air.

2. I replaced destroedstone on terrainFiller and lowered the cityBlocks for one block below. As a result - terainFiller filled but prefabs again hanging in the air.

In an extreme case - I create a prefab group for this city with a offset(-1) block for each prefab.
But first I would like to know is there a more elegant solution. Is there a function (like Yoffset="-1") which I can insert into rwgmixer.xml to lower the prefabs ?
Or, is there a way to fill terranFiller if it is above the terrain ?

11-08-2016, 08:32 PM
and like this:
Now I have three types of Cities !