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11-11-2016, 04:59 PM
Welcome to the town of Guppyville!

This was my original intention for Diersville... I remove all the prefabs and make a new town out of it. This one will be walled in ala Alexandria, cleaned up/non-apocalyptic, and harbor a few dark secrets...

Download HERE (https://www.dropbox.com/s/r1r9s5zb89ev4ls/Guppyville.zip?dl=0)

Final Tour (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6lsYHrLSY0&feature=youtu.be)
Second Tour (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0E-bC1K310)
First Tour (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5An5C2yiow4&feature=youtu.be)

11-21-2016, 03:02 PM
Coming along nicely. One more block to do.

Walls are up, added a few more custom homes, and spending a lot of time fixing up the place.

11-21-2016, 07:54 PM
You forgot to use the pumpkin filter :p

11-21-2016, 09:38 PM
Had to give up on that; no one understood me. I should keep the visual though.

- - - Updated - - -

Video Tour 2 (https://youtu.be/g0E-bC1K310) of Guppyville.

11-26-2016, 03:24 AM
Done! OP updated.

12-04-2016, 06:02 PM
I really want to play this and I installed the two files into my game, but not sure how to get it to replace Diersville, would love to use it in navezgane, or get it to spawn in RWG. Any help would be appreciated thanks!

12-04-2016, 07:54 PM
Because of its size, it's not an "easy" import and requires a certain level of expertise, but here's the gist:

It's really too big to install in RWG via the rwgmixer (allowing it to be placed randomly) unless you broke it down into smaller parts and built a custom rwgmixer entry, something out of my league.

To get it into Nav OR RWG manually, replacing Diersville or just placing it anywhere, would require installing either Hal's DLL or Coppi's mod which would allow you to import the prefab into a live game.

Unfortunately, I don't know the exact coordinate that would be required for Diersville; I assume you could manually place the prefab via the navesgane prefab.xml file, but again, it would require knowing the coordinates and ensuring the y-offset is correct.

I don't know your skill level or knowledge of inserting prefabs, but the method I used was to start a game, find a nice large flat spot, then import it over and over again until I found the right coordinates, write those coordinates down, delete the game, then start the SAME SEED again, importing into those written down coordinates... this allowed me to test locations, without having the imports I didn't want littering the game.

12-04-2016, 11:01 PM
Now that looks like a nice place to visit.

Jeez Gup... how many hours have you got into that thing?

That's a lot of work. O.o

12-04-2016, 11:42 PM
On and off? 2 weeks?

But more than a few are prefabs I had already made. The custom houses were the fun part. Roofs, ya know?

01-03-2017, 06:36 AM
in Navezgane


<decoration type="model" name="Guppyville" position="-292,51,-1888" rotation="0" />

<entityspawner class="SpawnLarge" pos="-217, 62, -1695" size="125, 5, 75" trigger="104"/>
<entityspawner class="SpawnLarge" pos="-217, 62, -1819" size="125, 5, 75" trigger="104"/>
<entityspawner class="SpawnLarge" pos="-73, 62, -1695" size="125, 5, 75" trigger="104"/>
<entityspawner class="SpawnLarge" pos="-73, 62, -1819" size="125, 5, 75" trigger="104"/>

01-03-2017, 06:50 AM
Not a bad fit. Not bad at all...

- - - Updated - - -

How's it playing for you?

Laz Man
01-17-2017, 05:53 AM
Wow, Guppy. You have been busy. Your prefabbing just gets better and better. :)

01-17-2017, 09:19 AM
You're alive! Come back to us!

01-17-2017, 03:20 PM
Wow, Guppy. You have been busy. Your prefabbing just gets better and better. :)

Holy crap Laz Man?

I thought you got abducted by ISIS or something.

Well.... there goes my 20 dollar bet. Damn!...... I mean...... uh.... nice to see you back. :D

01-18-2017, 03:39 AM
Wow, Guppy. You have been busy. Your prefabbing just gets better and better. :)

He looked at me!


01-29-2017, 03:35 PM
Yey there is my train...feel free to take the final version from my train thread (the one with the bridge)...
I think it was this one: 18905

I might try doing a tank once we get the paint tool - would you be interested?

01-29-2017, 05:46 PM

01-29-2017, 06:48 PM

Nice - have done a few trys now, but currently only wood and stainless/polished steel have the shapes I need (still not all necessary rotations), so I have to wait for paint and the new block placement system...


These are the designs I've so far experimented on (tipps welcome^^)...when I get them to look presentable I'll start a thread and notify you...

01-29-2017, 07:59 PM


...as well.

01-29-2017, 08:05 PM
Oh very interesting...thx

02-02-2017, 06:20 PM
Simply props man.