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06-22-2017, 03:14 AM
First of all I love this game. Been playing on the computer and since it came to ps4. These are a few suggestions that♥ I think can improve♥ gameplay. I know whoever is converting this to ps4 is mainly concerned with split screen. Pretty sure 75% or more of the players could care less about SS. If you are going to offer multiplayer make sure it works. Very frustrating to wait 90 minutes to 3 hours for players to join only to have it blue screen after one or two lowbie kills. Fix it. Now a bunch of random stuff. Could you add more tires and cinder blocks to the roads please? After 150 days on Nav map all the deer and pigs are gone. Like that you fixed dogs and landmines. Minibikes no longer fit through 50 pillars. That ruins my underground garage. Like the icon on map. Air drops bug out and disappear. Ruins my crate traps. After about 2 hours it starts raining and will not stop sometimes. Makes it hard to hear marks chopping wood. Blunt, blade, guns, medicine and science skill leveling♥ needs improvement. Add more vitamins. Add more building and decorating options. Blood red cabinets eww. You should get zombie and player kill credit for spikes and mines. Dead ends on roads in random gen. Mushroom seeds? New asphalt has cracks in it. New medical supply crates look old. Swimming should level athletics. Burning and underwater sound effects get stuck on. Nightmare mode zombie bears need a hp reduction. Blood moon night zombies will stack themselves 5 or 6 high directly above me instead of falling into the meatgrinder. Some will run in circles even if I walk up to them. Add more dogs. Need more zoom to sniper scope. Food recipes for the canned stuff. Cooking skill? Glass jars way to plentiful. Add calipers, wrench, hammer, shotgun and vitamins to air drop table. Fireaxe is a tool/weapon. Cannot be stunned skill. Really need that in nightmare. Unrepairable divets left from cars and zombie corpses In random gen. Reduce yucca, increase blueberries. That's a host's list. As a lowbie joining a game here's a few things. Should start with a 50 durability shotgun and 8 shells as well as the schematic/blueprint. A days food and water. Everyone knows the host has a huge advantage. No ping, 30, 60, 90 day head start. Minibike, guns and iron armor. The ability to choose nav or random.