View Full Version : Thoughts on how to streamline MP

07-03-2017, 03:12 PM
I've read through some of the discussions and info regarding private servers. Realistically I don't think that's something that would be cost-effective for them right now. If it becomes a runaway hit and their revenue stream increases dramatically then maybe.

With that said, I do think there's a few things that could be done to make MP a bit better. A list of current MP servers running would be nice. Being able to see how long the server has been up (so you don't join a server that's been up for 5 hours and just getting ready to shut down), names of the servers, etc. Any kind of ability to see listings for servers currently up would be a great help. Right now (unless I'm missing something) on consoles you just hit MP launch and have no idea what game you're going to, no way to return to that server if you get discoed, etc. There's zero continuity.

Server info in general is greatly needed. I'd like to run an MP server consistently on a regular basis. So I'd like to be able to put that info out there in the title or description. Say, for example, "Zombie run every Sunday 5-9p.m" so when a player sees that they know when the server is going up, how long, what times, etc.

One thing I constantly see console ports do, forget about, etc. is that console players don't have the same ease of resources available to them in regards to finding stuff outside the game with web browsers and such. It isn't as easy as "alt+tab" on consoles. It's more a QoL issue to me. Most people are able to use Twitter, social media, etc. to peruse this kind of information, but this shouldn't be taken for granted for consoles.

That's my .002 in regards to MP. There really just needs to be a way other than blindly and randomly jumping into an MP game that you have no information about and hoping that it doesn't kick you, close down 30 seconds after joining, spends 5 minutes searching with no results, etc.