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09-11-2017, 01:27 PM
Back in 2014 I made an apartment prefab. I thought it was pretty cool, but it felt lacking after seeing what other people were coming up with. Now it's 2017, and the pimps have brought us the awesome potential of the new painting system, as well as sleepers. Realizing just what could be done with the painting system, I set out to start prefabbing again and what better way to start than updating the first prefab I ever made. (By updating, I mean starting from scratch entirely.) And so, I present..

The Bridgeside Apartment Building. Bigger. Longer. And UNCUT!

Screens : https://imgur.com/oIit68I https://imgur.com/uUlY32o https://imgur.com/MNXAp5R

Download : https://www.dropbox.com/s/4gexz1vfjfofwal/Bridgeside%20Apartments.rar?dl=0

Two versions are included, one with sleepers and one without. Both versions have distant meshes.
(It's my first time doing sleeper volumes and I didn't want to force them on anybody.)

I designed the building with a specific, semi-linear route in mind from the first floor to the the top floor. You can access every floor through exploration, without brute forcing your way through locked doors, barricades or walls.
(But nothing is stopping you from doing so if you choose.)

Being a building with a dark and disturbed history, there are many secrets to find, and some deadly traps to fall into.
Do not enter unprepared!...

Many thanks to HAL9000 and Pille for providing us the tools to make these awesome creations.
And thanks to Guppycur and Slaan for providing tutorial videos on the aforementioned tools.
Feel free to use\edit\add to compilations as you see fit.
Alot of work went into this. (More than I care to admit) So I hope you all have as much fun using this prefab as I did making it!

And don't forget....

I'm Batman.

09-11-2017, 02:45 PM
Damn, that looks like it would be fun!

09-11-2017, 02:54 PM
Thanks! Give it a whirl, It's the same idea as the new skyscraper prefabs from TFP.
A prefab that paces itself like a game dungeon. I tried to pack as much detail as possible into it, nothing copy pasted.

09-11-2017, 03:31 PM
It's the same idea as the new skyscraper prefabs from TFP. A prefab that paces itself like a game dungeon.
Imo that's a good decision... It feels like being a rat in a maze.^^ I haven't seen everything yet because there are so many rooms, lol, but I can already tell it's a really great prefab! And as prefaber, I can learn a lot from it, especially about authentic 'apocalypticification' of building.

09-11-2017, 03:38 PM
Haven't loaded it up but from the outside, that looks amazing!

Spectral Force
09-11-2017, 04:11 PM
Great job!

09-12-2017, 11:31 AM
Thanks guys! Let me know how it plays. And thanks Pille, without your tool this wouldn't have been possible.

Kam R.
04-21-2018, 07:38 AM
Okay, so I just stumbled across this in my "just explore and loot" playthrough using Magoli's prefab pack and hot damn this is an instant all time favorite and I just have to post some feedback on it.

On the aestethics:
Just wow. This stuff is right up my alley. The outside caught my eye immediately and not because it stood out, but because it fit so well in the surroundings and yet had an instant intrigue to it. The destroyed parts look very natural, from holes and broken off walkways in the staircase to rubble and cluttered trash It gives off a glorious desolate vibe, that let chills run down my spine. The tight corridors and quarters induce a constant fear of getting cornered, especially when it's dark. Details, like for example a few patches of carpet on the floor changed to a different color or a different "undertexture", making it look detoriated, make it come together even more. Every apartment is a bit different too, after exploring a few you want to explore them all just not to miss anything. Some vague visual storytelling there as well like barricaded homes that look like the inhabitants made their desperate last stand of course a futile effort. This is the kind of stuff I want to see in a post-apo game. That's what I literally said out loud at least 3 times while playing it :D

On gameplay:
You mention there's a path to be followed, but I must have been blind to that as I could not make out a clear path to follow really. It turned out to be a mix of following a potential path and at times taking routes either opened by myself or raging Zs. That however did in no way substract from the experience for me at all. Partially I think I did follow a path, like for example when I found an elevator shaft, broke into the elevator from above, thinking "Is this just a death trap?" Was a trap alright, didn't kill me but my legs were not happy :D
This and another trap in front of what I assume to be one of the main loot rooms really took me by surprise, well played, Sir, well played. Or well designed, rather. Loot wise it seems pretty balanced to a vanilla game, unlike many of the other prefabs in the pack. Not too much, not too little and getting to the good stuff feels like a proper accomplishment. Zombies seem to be placed well throughout the whole building and with what the sleeper system allows some nice scary situations can occur (See previous comment on the tight quarters and corridors.) The place is definitely too big for just one run which is a good thing. I managed to get through roughly half of it maybe before my inventory just couldn't hold more. Wasn't even able to reach the top floor or the roof yet, but went out to hop on my bike already looking forward to return.
Should be noted that I went with mid to end game tier equipment. For that level it seems perfect.

In conclusion: I had a metric ♥♥♥♥-ton of fun and will probably have even more. And as someone who dabbles in the prefabs myself I am simply humbled. This stuff is a million times better than anything I ever came up with so far I have a lot to learn and this sure was inspirational in that context. It's exactly the direction I want to take my own stuff too some day. Every now and then people say stuff like "you should work for TFP and make their maps" or "This should be in the vanilla game", but after seeing this, I feel not remotely worthy of such comments and pass 'em right to you, mate.