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11-12-2013, 11:03 PM
I have only been playing for a few days but I can see this game has massive potential. For the amount of work that has been put into this game, I could easily call this a Beta.

Here are a few things I would like to see added or changed.


Easy changes:

1. Zombies should enrage if they are left unattended at night. Eventually being able to dig and run faster and hit harder. (This gives incentive for players to actually deal with zombies instead of just sitting behind blocks and walls and waiting for the night to end.)

2. Chat Window needs a scroll bar or chat log. (It's too easy to miss what people are saying and its too hard to share ts/vent server information when the chat vanishes. Why not press L and bring up a window with the previous messages)

3. Add a server feature to either disable explosives from spawning on the map or make it so player placed items can not be exploded. (Every public game that I've made a base in always get destroyed by some guy who starts firing rockets at it. Even if you kill the person, he will most likely spawned in the same spot again and keep harassing. For a game about building bases, There needs to be better counter measure to griefers. This also fixes the problem with hackers coming in and blowing everything up)

4. Reduce the spawn of rocket launchers. (Every city I loot, I end up with 4 launchers and 15+ rockets. They are too easily found and exploited for harassing player buildings. It should be a super rare spawn.)

5. Make it so blocks that are severely damaged have a high chance to fail and break away. (This allows players to make break away floor traps, This also allows the game to generate these "Failing tiles" in buildings to add more of a challenge for exploring. Of course the player should be able to identify these blocks by all the cracks in it and act accordingly to avoid walking on them)

6. Loot all button hotkey. (Press R and loot everything inside lootable objects like desks, backpacks, etc)

7. Ammo should not need to be in the tool belt to be used.

8. Reduce the movement speed of everything including yourself by 10% (every one seems to move way to fast. 10% wouldn't be a huge reduction)

9. Drill should last 2x the duration then it currently does. (Break 10 bricks and its done without gas. :( )

10. Hornets should fly through windows to attack players. (Burst through windows playing the window breaking sound)

11: Hornet hives should spawn more often and also underground with a mound/hole that they come out of to surprise players who wonder to near.

12. Dogs should travel in packs of 2-3

13. Spider zombies should climb on ceilings. (This will stop people from just blocking them with a 1 tile roof over the edge. This also would allow for them to "spawn" on the ceiling and wait for their victims to get near enough for them to chase and drop down upon.

14. Zombies should enrage if they are left unattended at night. Eventually being able to dig and run faster and hit harder. (This gives incentive for players to actually deal with zombies instead of just sitting behind blocks and walls and waiting for the night to end.)

15. Air supply packages should be dropped in survival. 1-3 packages in a small area. It should alert every one via chat, and put up a marker on the map. (This will add more player interaction and be considered an "Event")


Harder changes:

1. Rework the player spawns. I make a base and put down a bed, then all of a sudden every one spawns in my base when they die or join the game. Fix this please.

2. Throwable objects for damage and noise. Rocks, Cans, Bottles etc.

3. Events! Just like the easy airdrop event, Why not have other things happen too? Here are a few examples: Small packs of zombies (5-10 zombies) that are just roaming. Horde events that spawn (20-30 zombies spawn and rush the player.)

4. When a player is killed by a zombie, Why not have them reanimated with the loot on them? (instead of dropping the loot on the ground, you have to kill the player)

5. Bandit system or clothing system to identify players. (Right now there are only 2 models for player, Male and female. When some one starts to player kill in a group, it's hard to figure out who is the person killing people and who is just defending themselves from the person killing people. Adding clothing to distinguish people or give the pker a mask will help resolve this)

6. Add a timer and animation for certain things. Picking up or removing traps should take 2-3 seconds each to do. (This adds to the traps value to at least delay a person a few moments of removing the hazard)

7. Add a local chat that only people in the area can hear. It's tough to organize an attack or communicate base building when the whole game can hear it.

8. Crouching should allow you to move under objects that are 1 block above the ground.

9. A poison system. Player acquired and usable on traps or weapons against players/animals. Crossbow with poison tipped arrows. Also some select enemies should have it, Maybe Hornets and hulks acid spit/explosion.


New Enemy Types:

1. A large zombie that takes a lot of shots to take down, he should have the ability to Run during the day and should have big shoulders and neck to make his head some what harder to hit. Maybe add knock back to him when you have that system working. (This allows more of a challenge during the day)

2. A zombie that has the ability to jumps 1-10 tiles in any direction. He should be able to jump upward at angles to reach hard to reach zones. He only does his jump ability when players are not on the same ground level as him. (This helps attack players that base onto of broken buildings.)

3. A zombie that digs through tiles much faster then the normal zombie. (This little guy would dig through ground to get people below or dig through walls to get through to people. Leaving the hole there for any other zombie to use. He should also be relentless.)

4. Dead survivor with a better zombie loot table (A gun, ammo, water, food)

5. Infected crows that dive bomb players (Could also be an event where a swarm of crows attack a player or base. Flying through windows and pecking players)

Hope these suggestions were worth a damn :)

11-12-2013, 11:15 PM
half of these have been suggested, but the other half aren't too bad.

But, I don't think we need a digging zombie (barf zombie basically does that, and we I don't think we need a zombie that can demolish defenses in seconds).

11-13-2013, 12:02 AM
Thanks :) Also, the digging zombie should be able to get through a block every 20-30 seconds on its own (Depending on the block). Right now Night time just seems too easy. I can half ass build a base and be safe all night. The barf zombie won't spit if you are not in his line of sight. So he is basically useless in penetrating a base.

11-13-2013, 12:10 PM
I suppose they could just make the barf zombie use his ability against things he's trying to tear down. crows would be kinda cool to add diversity, but that would just kinda be the same thing as the bee's except a much harder target to hit and probably faster. I like that you want the game to be harder! hard games are fun games, I like the jump zombie! good idea on spider zombies on ceilings, they already have fat zombies as far as larger zombies go, are you thinking more of a dude bro weight lifting zombie? "do you even eat flesh bro" as far as the player clothing labeling thing, what would keep you from being labeled a bandit after killing a player blowing up your stuff. some what a good idea, and as much as everyone has complained I know they will fix the spawning issue. I really like the trap timer removing system, everyone wants air drops. but why would the government or anyone else even drop supplies. I doubt they care about you. or if there even is a government really. Love the throw-able noise makers! string of fire crackers would be cool too, gun powerder and paper! throw it while you run and the swarm chasing you goes after it

I've also thought on that note that throwing flash lights should grab their attention. that'd be cool.