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About ZombieSurvivor
--> = fastward in time

I'm in a tunnel and there is light at the end. -->
I look up, my mother is holding my hand. Its the first day of school -->
I meet an angel that says he was sent from "the great God Jehovah" to deliver me a message show me some things. I think this is heaven? Later I learned from the conversations with the angel during our walk this is heaven, cool. -->
I open my eyes looking up at a clock on the wall. 15 past 9.
Weird, I just looked at my watch it was 9:00pm, 15 minutes..wait..whats going on? --->
Panicking looking around, tied down, in a hospital on life support, I find out I've been in a coma for 3 days. --->
I'm standing, I just got done swearing an oath to protect the constitution and follow the orders of the president. -->
I get married to the woman God told me I would end up marrying. exactly when and how he said. --->
I now know what true sadness feels like, I'm forever changed. --->
I'm on a plane flying overseas, again. --->
On a plane flying home for the last time. I keep thinking how much I miss my country and thinking about kissing the ground soon as I walk off this plane --->
Struggles, I've come back to a changed country. What happen while I was away for the past 5 years? --->
More struggles --->
Came across a game that looks interesting called 7 Days to Die, reminds me of minecraft a bit --->
Warns people and loved ones in cali about a pending earthquake. Prays, I ask my Father to have mercy on the people. --->
Wakes up, learns of the Ridgecrest 7.1 that struck cali. No reported deaths or serious injuries, relief, prays "thank you Father". --->
Plays 7D2D...a lot! --->
Writing my bio on a forum.
End of The Rainbow
Eating luckycharms, playing with my chest of gold, hiding from those who seek my gold.


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