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    Sticky: Hello, This is for modArmorPressboyCap. I...


    This is for modArmorPressboyCap.

    I think the value for the UMA.Overlay0 property is wrong. Currently, it's set to gear_ballcap. I think it's supposed to be gear_pressboy_cap instead. If...
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    Mechanics zombieLabFeral is missing Feral damage


    zombieLabFeral is missing the following passive effect:
    <passive_effect name="EntityDamage" operation="perc_add" value="0"/> <!-- Feral damage -->

    I don't know if this would be a...
  3. Mechanics modMeleeFortifyingGrip - Wrong regen rate or wrong tooltip

    EDIT1: Actually, I think my count was wrong. Let me test it again with an actual timer this time. Will update soon.

    EDIT2: Okay, nothing to see here. Turned out this stupid head of mine counted 2x...
  4. Mechanics Drum Megazine Actually Makes The Player Reload FASTER

    This is for the Drum Magazine mod.

    I found this bug while I was testing my 4x capacity Strum (Drum) Magazine.

    <passive_effect name="ReloadSpeedMultiplier" operation="perc_add"...
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    Sticky: Zombie dogs were just added to the burnt biome,...

    Zombie dogs were just added to the burnt biome, but could the team please add a new model for the burnt zombie dogs? Hell hounds with a fiery texture would be nice. The zombie dogs' black texture...
  6. Want to eat some corn? Cornfield is looking for you!

    Hello, Stranger.

    I just wanted to try my luck here. A group of friends and I have recently started hosting a dedicated server. If you are in the Hawaii area or on the US West Coast (or in Central...
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