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    Move more than 1 item at a time

    I have 250 Plant Fiber, and I want to keep fifty on me and put the rest in a chest.

    I tried CTRL, SHIFT, CTRL+SHIFT to drop them 5 at a time in the chest, if I remember properly, some games have a...
  2. Mechanics Gifting/trading items in multiplayer, my food disappeared and I'm hungry (A17.4b4)

    So I started a new map today to try some stuff with my friend. I was very hungry so while I was getting wood and stone outside my friend cooked me some Eggs and Bacon. Once cooked, he dropped some on...
  3. Linux Purchase another copy for making a server for me a couple of friends?

    Can I just run the server on my profile on a small computer at home and still play on my computer with the same account?
    Or do I need to purchase the game again?

    Sometimes I'm not playing and my...
  4. You are my saviors! thank you very much!

    You are my saviors! thank you very much!
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    I had the same issue yesterday. I wanted to mark...

    I had the same issue yesterday. I wanted to mark some spot as done or mark an area with a warning sign to tell me there is a lot of zombies and to go there only once I'm ready.
  6. I wish new players at more HUB information

    By default, as of 17.4b4, the following information is available to the player:
    - Health
    - Stamina
    - Compass, orientation
    - Day/Time

    When you are thirsty or hungry or cold or wet, I wish we...
  7. Where is the durability in the XML files?

    In steamapps/common/7 Days To Die/Data/Config/items.xml I can see the wooden bow ranged damage and Projectile Velocity (looking at the stone arrow), but I cannot find the Durability of the item.
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