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  1. Sticky: I love most of these ideas, especialy fishing and...

    I love most of these ideas, especialy fishing and farming animals, i think there should be more crafting recipes too though, like for example why cant i craft empty cans? or store oil in glass jars?...
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    actually the revolvers use a longer .45 cartridge...

    actually the revolvers use a longer .45 cartridge with a wider base rim, it has more power and range than the short fat auto colt pistol cartridge. but a Thompson would be awesome. same damage as the...
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    1911 45 pistol

    So as of now we have 2 pistols to choose from, the pee shooter M9 berretta and the heap big boom .44 Mag. i want to propose that we add a happy medium and a classic. the 1911 colt 45. you will need...
  4. Stronger Garage Doors and multiple electrical switches

    now that we have vehicles, i feel we need the whole spectrum of upgrades for the garage doors, to equal the vault doors but for the 4x4. also can we rig 2 switches to a single powered thingy so we...
  5. my friend decided to not wait for me to shut off...

    my friend decided to not wait for me to shut off the electric fence and like 10 minutes later he is still a big loud electrical anomaly even though he hasnt been near the wire sense and isnt losing...
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    Other Corner Pillar with Plate is Buggy

    please note the corner pillar with plate pushes me away when i try to walk over the plate part and the plate part dissapears when i attach any other block to it.
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    More Options for Zombies

    Hello, i am a huge fan of this game or at least i would be. i have a couple huge problems that i feel can be easily fixed in a way that makes everyone happy. are you the kind of player who enjoys the...
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