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  1. Request for text chat translator

    I recently started having players who do not speak English on my game server. I would love to install a translator that would automatically convert text into to language selected by each player. Such...
  2. Replies

    Hover mode for gyrocopters

    Basically I want my players to be able to take pictures around areas they want more info or pictures of their homes. I can fly using my admin powers but I really dont want to give out admin powers so...
  3. We are helping people out with Construction...

    We are helping people out with Construction packages and all vehicles after you establish a claim. We allow 2 claims with a 121 LCB size. We have had like 4 new players join us so far looking for...
  4. Grand opening of the Boomstick Gang Server - PVE only Looking for players


    We are looking for friendly players to hang out with craft and enjoy the Red / Horde nights with.

    We have built a spawn area for newbies and we have...
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