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  1. Emeregency Alert System - RIOT: Grid Down!

    :boom: Riot - Grid Down :boom:
    Darkness Falls 8k Map

    Adults Only 18+

    Discord A Must!
    PW protected

    Limited Space
  2. Riot - Grid Down - // Adults Only // Vanilla 6k Map // Opening 8/24/2019 1pm EST

    New Server Day 1 will be 8/24/2019 1pm Eastern
    For Invite Send Friend Request On Discord: Chaplain#5726 For More info.

    Riot - Grid Down
    Vanilla 6k Map
    Adults Only
    Discord A Must!
  3. Riot - Grid Down - Adults Only Darkness Falls Opening 8/17/2019

    We have been expecting you. I know your confused waking up with just your skivvy's on and inside your head is spinning like that damn ride the Vortex. You will be alright Survivor, it will straighten...
  4. Mortal Coil Presents “Behold a Pale Horse.” / PvE Day 1 8/4/19 /Mature Players Only

    The signs of the Times have come and gone. Sh*t has hit the fan and Now, only a few poor souls remain.
    Mortal Coil Presents “Behold a Pale Horse.”

    Come join us Survivor as we set out to eradicate...
  5. Whispers of the Outcast THis Friday 5:30pm Eastern USA : Couples Wanted!

    forget it to many issues.
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    I want them to feel the pain!!!!

    is there a way to make zombies hit harder in combat not just block damage to POI but i mean if you get hit by one you will notice and it will cause you not to just run in willie nillie :-) I would...
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    7 Days to Die Couples

    Wife and I are interested in opening a new server, back from playing WoW, and we wold like it to be a social server where people get on discord or active in general in game chat. We are also looking...
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    Private Server setup Question


    Wife and I are replacing our two computers for ones we can play more resource hungry games on more moothly. However now we have Two (2) systems left and both are the same...

    Processor: ...
  9. Server#2 The Proving Grounds - New Player Friendly - Builder Friendly

    Announcing “The Proving Grounds” by Two Penguin Gaming.

    Ideal for those new to the game or want a slower start and learn more.
    This server will be set to an easier mode. Longer days, More loot as...
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    [MODLET] I may have missed it and sorry for such noob...

    I may have missed it and sorry for such noob question, but where the heck do i put a modlet? :jaded:
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    That woule be great But...

    I have no clue how to even do that. I would love to. I would love to learn how to do it, just can not find anything on subject at all.
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    Help want a way to drop SHTF pack

    I am in need of a way to drop at the feet or in inventory of every new person that joins the server and types /PrepKit
    The items I would like to include:
    1 shot gun quality 2-3
    25 rounds of...
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    Heya, I am in need of a way to drop several...


    I am in need of a way to drop several items to a new player on the server when they enter something like /SHTF it would contain items like flashlight, hunting knife, hammer, gun, ammo, 15...
  14. Not for the Faint of Heart - {TPG} Darkness Falls Adults Only!

    Darkness Falls Adults Only 25 years of age or older Only.
    Two Penguins Gaming

    (ALL DETAILS Subject to change WITHOUT NOTICE)

    At time of this post we are:

    Difficulty - HARD

    24 hour in...
  15. May 31st 7pm Eastern - Vanilla 17.3 - Fresh Map/ Day 1 - Two Penguins Gaming!

    Introducing 7 Days to Die Server #2 ~{Vanilla 17.3 }~ From Two Penguins Gaming.

    Opens Friday May 31st at 7PM Eastern Time!!! DAY 1!!!

    Fresh Map 6k x 6k +/-
    120 Min 24 hr cycles
    20 hr days...
  16. Announcing Two Penguins Gaming’s Tournaments of...

    Announcing Two Penguins Gaming’s Tournaments of Survivors!!!
    Last Survivor Standing Receives a $25 Steam Card.

    $5. Entry fee Through Paypal, (All Proceeds go to server upkeep and expansion)
  17. Two Penguins Gaming Darkness Falls Fresh Start!

    Two Penguins Gaming is doing a fresh start on its Darkness Falls server.

    New (Adult Only ) Server :rapture:
    Must be in GOOD Standing with Steam (No Bans of any kind on any account)
    Discord is a...
  18. I can only assume this is a bug. if not sorry. ...

    I can only assume this is a bug. if not sorry.

    Summary: (short description of bug) multiple Journeys end lodges in desert biome complete with frozen lumber jack zombies.
    Version: latest unstable...
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    Poll: I hear you and I concur!

    I hear you and I concur!
  20. Summary: When in DM mode and click on map to port...

    Summary: When in DM mode and click on map to port it will lock you up and you hang in mid aid and can do nothing. game time continues but you can not.
    Version: b208
    Platform: (PC or Mac) PC...
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    Alloc's and Coppi's Blues...

    Does anyone know for sure if Alloc's and Coppi's mod's work now for Alpha 17?

    Thank You All,
  22. Our House |Alpha 17 Nav Map |Day 3 as of Post |Adults Only age 30+

    Are you looking for a new server to call home?
    Are you an adult age 30 or older?
    Will you use discord when you first join so we can get to know you?
    If yes to all these the we want to welcome...
  23. we have a server of all adults. if your looking....

    we have a server of all adults. if your looking. Good peeps and good fun. We use discord as well.
  24. Unless the 5% chance of fail happens we will offer adult only alpha 17 server

    Ok, you heard it yourself I am sure and your excitement is understandably reserved. However, We would like to extend an invitation to ALL adults age 30+ to come join our community of survivors as we...
  25. Friday Nov 9th 8pm Eastern Day 1 Darkness Falls Mod!

    Day 1 Starts Friday November 8th 2018 at 8pm Eastern!
    Yes, you read that right! A brand new day 1!

    Two Penguins Gaming “2PG” is happy to Present a brand new start with Darkness Falls!
    You have...
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