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    Returning Server NA PvP Midnight Terror

    Our server is active, if you are looking for a community to enjoy the game with check out our server and read info below.

    Server was reset on 12-25 (hit day 40 today).

    I think the ideal...
  2. **Starting Fresh** Friday 6:00PM Eastern Time

    Our server will be starting fresh on Friday night at 6PM Eastern time. This is intended to be the last reset before version A17 is released (Whenever that may be).

    Need players of all skill...
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    Looking for players

    Need players of all skill levels, whether your solo, or with a group, come play!

    Server Name: Midnight Terror! PvPvE
    Sever IP:
    Server Port: 25000

    Servers up 100% of the time...
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