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Thread: Alpha 17 Experimental B231 bug reporting thread

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    Alpha 17 Experimental B231 bug reporting thread

    Hey Survivalist,
    We’ve just released Alpha 17 Experimental B231 and could really use your help finding the last remaining big issues.
    If you’ve played B221 from our previous experimental post see the fixes below for more info.

    As always TFP is interested in all constructive criticism and feedback, but what we're really looking for in this thread are the following:
    • Show stopping game play bugs (Hopefully with reproduction steps)
    • Crashes (Try and get reproduction steps and post your output_log.txt files - usually found here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\7 Days To Die\7DaysToDie_Data\output_log.txt - directly in your forum post. Note: You will find all output_logs time stamped there, even from old games. You can also attach your zipped up crash dump file too.)
    • Chunk Generation Bugs. People please give us the coordinates of where they were in the world when they run into a chunk generation error plus the game seed. Copy and pasting the error alone and the output log is not sufficient to help with a fix.

    Additionally, you can post balance and feedback in the current Dev diary.
    We don’t want incompatibility bugs with previous builds so please remember to start a new game with each experimental update.

    Here's how to opt in and play the latest experimental branch.

    Open your steam client.
    1. Click on Games/View Games Library
    2. Right click ‘7 Days to Die’ and select properties
    3. From the new popup dialogue box select the ‘BETAS’ Tab
    4. Under ‘Select the beta you would like to opt into’ latest_experimental

    The game will then update and download the latest experimental build Alpha 17 Experimental

    Switching back to the latest main stable build is as easy as repeating steps 1-4 and on step 4 choose the option ‘None – Opt out of all Beta Programs’ and you’ll revert to the latest stable build.

    Official Alpha 17 Release notes!

    Cheers Richard


    Please use this form to report bugs, Testers will then respond, if the form is not used we will assume you are just chatting to each other

    Summary: (short description of bug)
    Platform: (PC or Mac)
    OS/Version: Windows/Linux/mac
    Game mode, mp host/mp client/sp /client on dedi (RWG or NAV)

    Did you wipe old saves? (yes/No)
    Did you start a new game? (Yes/No)
    Did you validate your files? (Yes/No)
    Are you using any mods? (yes/No)
    EAC on or off ?

    Status: NEW

    Bug Description:

    Reproduce steps:

    Press F1 to open the console, then type dbs
    This will open a panel in game for you to type the bug in.
    once done click ok
    there will then be a SCREENSHOTS folder in the main 7 days folder.


    Actual result: (description of what is occurring)

    Expected result: (what you expect to occur)

    [Attach bug screenshot and output log for ALL bugs please]

    Pastebin how to video,
    Pastebin link ,

    your output log files are in C /steamLibrary/steamapps/common/7Daystodie/7daystodiedata/ you will find a list of ol logs, the last one being the most recent.

    also when taking a screen shot you can use the debug info, go into dm mode ( Type dm in the console ) Type dm to turn it off again
    Press F3, that will bring up the debug overlay, you will need to press f3 twice to close it.
    If you use the f3 feature no need for cords in the screen shot as they are in that info.

    A17 b231


    • 15 new tier 1 cabin POIS
    • Christmas items: Santa hat, candy cane club and candy cane shiv to loot
    • 2 new tier 1 Fast Food POIS


    • Attributes are no longer gated by your level. You can specialize very early game now but attributes cost more for the higher ranks. The goal is to allow players to specialize into classes early game, and be awesome at a few things and ok or poor at other things. Or you can be a jack of all trades, the choice is yours. With the costs of the higher attributes being steeper, players will probably want to specialize in one or two attributes and get the best perks in those attributes and late game there will be less god tier characters who have every perk unlocked. We are looking for feedback such as are there any exploits or severe imbalances with this new system.
    • Lowered volume on auger/chainsaw prefab
    • Removed "more filling" part of perkSlowMetabolism
    • Made StoneAxe / hammer Use as a single hit instead of double hits
    • Rain max volume for environment audio to more reasonable level
    • Overhauled the old pawn shop to a new Tier 3 dungeon
    • Increased underground ore density
    • Adjusted XP for resource harvest, upgrade, and repair
    • Block damages and stamina cost rebalanced
    • ModMeleeStructuralBrace can be installed in all melee items
    • Player level gates for attributes have been removed
    • Attribute buffs like on perk magazines are not limited by player level
    • Nerfed glasses, goggles, shades etc to boost 1 instead of 2
    • Bleed effect is a standard blur instead of oil painting blur
    • Lowered intensity of bleeding screen effect
    • Added throttle to animation parameter sending
    • HammerForge requires Int 5
    • AdvancedEngineering requires Int 6
    • Physician requires Int 4
    • The tutorial quest grants 4 skill points
    • Tier 1 mods require forged iron to craft
    • Video option reflection off to actually disable the probe and specular part of Overlayed_TA shader

    • Turrets can target zombies through wall
    • Collision on city bus
    • Lighting on buses.
    • Collision on broken bs pallets.
    • Model link in grill simple prefab.
    • Collision on microwaves
    • A bunch of mixing, zone tags to POIS for Random Gen. More things should spawn now
    • Fish taco description localization is missing
    • Bedroll placement is printed in console
    • Setting server loot respawn days to 0 gives infinite loot
    • Fixing shadow caster on wooden door
    • Cyrillic no longer supported by ingame chat
    • NRE at waste_rubble_highway_01
    • Position of trader changes when declining quest offers (local client side only)
    • Replication of buffs and cvars
    • Auger and chainsaw sounds persist in MP
    • Auger and chainsaw sound persisting when out of ammo but before reload
    • Lucky Looter description shows it gives you better loot per tier now
    • Pathing issue for zombies on bungalow_12's roof (fixed slope check which made walking on wedge blocks cost too much)
    • Buffs and CVars not being shared over the network
    • Coffee does not grant the listed Intellect bonus
    • Some eyewear does not drop from the intended containers
    • It is not possible to set zeds on fire with a torch
    • Archery does not increase bow draw speed
    • Clients do not see the vulture death animation
    • Vehicle left mouse button not reliably toggling look turning
    • DBS/Debugshot instantly close on Linux/mac
    • New zombie speed settings do not display correctly in server browser
    • Ghost trees on dedicated server

    Known issues:

    • Nightvision still needs more attention
    • Vehicle key bindings do not save after game exit/restart
    • Trader Jen has a deep voice
    • Players visually disappear for another when looking up
    • No lights on vehicles
    • Repair material not refunded when repair was canceled
    • Ammo count of nail gun goes broke, when equipped with full auto receiver
    • Trader Rekt is nicer than usual
    • Some achievements can not be obtained at the moment
    • Charismatic Nature is still in need of improvement, buff works for 5 seconds and 5 seconds it does not
    • Scrapping items in crafting queue while re-logging may go lost
    • Re-logging when crafting usable items are in the crafting queue may have negative side effects
    • Crafting speed bonus does not properly apply to workstations
    • Clipping into blocks to see through terrain
    • Vultures play their fly animation when dead for clients
    • Shotgun driver loses sound on 4x4 after a while
    • Workstation tools do not refresh the recipe list when the tools are installed
    • Can use torch and flaming arrows as light underwater
    • Clothing items should be removed and swapped out manually or risk deleting them
    • Hitting ESC while generating a map preview will blank screen. Must use CTRL, ALT, DEL to exit game.
    • RWG preview tool localization
    • Firearms do a duplicate reload animation after reloading while zoomed (locked in zoom)
    • Mining helmet light doesn't show for other players
    • Client molotovs thrown down from an edge not working as good as Host
    • Hatches don't always open on the first try
    • Quality items bought from the trader have missing or inconsistent mod slots
    • Player model jumps forward of the player camera when accessing an auto turret inventory
    • Turrets will not target self when set to do so
    • LCB icon is still shown when LCB has been destroyed by another player
    • All LMB clicks count as changing vehicle steering controls after dismounting a vehicle
    • Player can consume any consumable while mounted in vehicle but will not get the buff/debuff
    • Flames don't move with zombie ragdolls
    • Resolution does not always save when >1080p options are available
    • Sometimes you die on the dedi and get a forced respawn only to die again
    • Old game saves are corrupting recipes.xml in updated builds
    • Burning shaft mod flame effect can transfer to other items on the toolbelt
    • Collapsed building sleepers will respawn in the air when a player reloads chunk
    • Molotov can be used as a light without a stealth penalty
    • Crashes on Mac
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    Linux and mac may still need a bit more time right now, sorry guys, give it an hour or so.

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    For the mining helmet light not being seen from other players.. you actually can see the light, but it's backwards.. meaning, if I have the mining helmet turned on, I see the light, but others can't. When I turn the mining helmet light off, the light is off for me, but on for others.

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    2 bugs my partner and I have run into while playing. We play on a private dedicated server (LAN style), with him hosting and me logging into the server.

    1) Today I added the Barbed Wire mod to a Reinforced Iron Club. Occasionally when I swing at environmental entities (destroying grass, smashing shrubby trees, making water splash) it makes ME bleed. Has not happened while swinging at enemies, just swinging at "décor".

    2) Charismatic Nature...
    Known issues:
    • Charismatic Nature is still in need of improvement, buff works for 5 seconds and 5 seconds it does not
    I see it's a known issue, but I want to share my experience with it. Both my partner and I have put 1 point into Charismatic Nature. My partner is now actively showing the buff when he is near me (green HUD icon, status effect on character sheet with constant adjusting countdown). "I *do not* get the buff icon, status, or any discernable effect. (fixed in b231, we now both have the icon & status showing!) Neither of us seem to be getting the implied attribute bonuses. We are allies and are both in the same party (he is party leader); he is also the server host.[/QUOTE]
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    Summary: Russian symbols
    Version: b231
    Platform: PC
    OS/Version: Windows 10 x64 PRO
    Game mode: Dedicated server

    Did you wipe old saves? YES
    Did you start a new game? YES
    Did you validate your files? YES
    Are you using any mods? NO

    Status: old (again and again and again post every b A17)

    Game b197 and b199, not accept russian symbols in chat. I know - game without support russian language...
    but A15, A16 support russian symbols - A17 not
    Help please resolved this problem.

    Another problems with more requiment for PC components - another story

    If you can do russian language in game - very large russian community from social network VK - I will be very happy to help for free!
    We want to make the game accessible to non-English speakers.

    old posts from versions

    if need test server with russian player - i can do this.
    Test server with russian player.

    Cyrillic Characters are now supported in b231 as per the changelog above -- Roland

    Not --Lucerat

    Can you copy and paste into chat ? -Hated

    Thanks for the corrections and sorry for my mistake!
    B231 server

    My steam for some reason downloaded the B227 version. I deleted and re-swapped B231.
    Some players also have a 227 version. We downloaded 231 versions and it all worked.

    On behalf of the Russian-speaking players - thank you! --Lucerat

    Ah, so you were using a Linux server, yeah, they had a late start this build, hope everything will work out for you guys now.
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    Hatches don't always open on the first try
    I don't know if you guys have reproduction steps, but it happens to me the first time I try a hatch after a chunk loads. If the chunk unloads, and then loads again, it happens again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Fun Pimp View Post
    * Attributes are no longer gated by your level.
    Thanks, I think this will make sense. I'm just at around lvl 45 in my b221 play through and was noticing that I would max out the base stats around 25/35 and not spend remaining points until I hit 30/40 etc because of the level gating. Will be interesting to see if it is actually better without the gating.
    Of course, that means I have to restart *shakes fist*

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    Summary: Crashing every 20 minutes ( SIGARBRT EXC_CRASH Thread 35)
    Version: B199 / B208 / B221 / B231
    Platform: Mac
    OS/Version: Mac Mojave 14.2
    Game mode; mp host/mp client/sp /client on dedi (RWG or NAV)

    Did you wipe old saves? y
    Did you start a new game? y
    Did you validate your files? y
    Are you using any mods? n
    EAC on or off ? default

    Status: Also happening in previous build B199 / B208 / B221 / B231 - REPORTED ON FORUM MULTIPLE TIMES, not mentioned on changes/fixes/known issues

    Bug Description: Down to the T the game crashes every 20 minutes, regardless of what your doing wether it be in the menu, or ingame the game just closes down. The game however shows no issues whilst playing for the 20 minutes. This crash happened in B199 / B208 / B221 / B231 whilst on OSX Mojave. This Crash however was not present when using OSX High Sierra in build B199 and B208.

    With my own google skills i have found that this is the type of crash in the ;

    Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT)
    Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000
    Exception Note: EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY


    Reproduce steps:

    - open steam
    - launch game
    - Play, Browse Menu, Create character - keep the game open.
    - After 20 minutes game crashes

    Actual result: Game shuts-down and application must be restarted to play another 20 minutes

    Expected result: game to play continuously until i stop or game is shutdown.

    Mac problem report

    Output log

    I will check this out and get attention to it, also added it to the known issues. Thanks for the report
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    Mining Stone or Cutting Trees doesn't give XP per resource..only minimal XP at the end.
    U guys were supposed to add more xp not take whatever was in there away from us.
    hitting grass only gives 1 xp.
    reduced amount of XP given for upgrading blocks..

    Sleeper zombies don't make any sound now even when outside, only jumping or falling sound.
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    Build 231

    Well, within the first few minutes of play in this build I've found 2 pretty significant issues.

    1. The health system seems to be broken. If you use anything that gives you health and it gives more health than you have to heal than it will not increase your health. example. If you have 86/100 and eat anything or use anything that gives more than 14 health it will do nothing. The same seems to be true with max health.

    2. When riding a mini bike it cannot decide if it wants to be driven with the directional controls or if it wants to be controlled with the mouse. I have no idea how to recreate this error as it seems to be completely random. If i pick up the mini bike and place it again it will fix make it so that it can be controlled with the mouse again.

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    Summary: GPU 100% all time
    Version: all
    Platform: PC
    OS/Version: Windows 10 home 64bit
    Game mode: all

    Did you wipe old saves? yes
    Did you start a new game? yes
    Did you validate your files? yes
    Are you using any mods? no
    EAC on or off ? on/off

    Status: Old/New

    Bug Description: GPU full utilization all time (95-100%) - GTX960 MSI 4G 2 1/2 Years old, New Driver 12/12/2018 etc.
    CPU (AMD fx-8350) = 25-35%
    Ram ~4GB (4x 8GB total)
    EDIT: With LOW/MEDIUM Settings!!!

    A Friend has a GTX 1060 and he has GPU ~60-80%, another Friend GTX1080ti = ~40-60%
    (sry for the bad english^^)

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    I see 'Missing FOV slider' and 'Microstutter' aren't listed in the known problems.
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    Summary: Missing Bonus for choping down trees
    Version: b231
    Platform: PC
    OS/Version: Windows 10 x64 PRO
    Game mode: Dedicated server / Singleplayer

    Did you wipe old saves? YES
    Did you start a new game? YES
    Did you validate your files? YES
    Are you using any mods? NO

    In the last version, when choping down a tree, you got a bonus of XX wood.
    Currently, there is no such bonus.
    I cut down a tree witz 1200HP and only got 16 wood.
    With this ratio, it makes far more sense to chop down only the small trees with 15HP as the generate far more wood in the same time with far less stamina used.

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    I haven't seen this bug in the forums but since the patch just dropped and I didn't see it mentioned in the known list (it is a rather big one), and I have a few moments I will dump it here for now.

    Summary: Resource disappears when splitting a stack in a container and exiting without placing stack in inventory/container slot
    Version: B231
    Platform: PC
    OS/Version: Windows
    Game mode: mp host RWG
    Did you wipe old saves? yes
    Did you start a new game? yes
    Did you validate your files? yes
    Are you using any mods? no
    EAC on

    Status: NEW?

    Bug Description: Losing loot between containers and/or inventory

    Reproduce steps: Open any container, place a stack of moderate quantity of any stackable resource in it, right-click it to split it, and press escape with the mouse cursor outside the container window.

    Screenshots not necessary (Steam cloud screenshot uploader not working today anyway)

    Actual result: Take a good look around on the floor and check your inventory. Looking back into the same container you will see the half that was left in the container when closing it remains there, but the other half you had in your hand/mouse cursor will disappear.

    Expected result: What should happen is the process should be completely aborted upon pressing escape or closing the container window. Failing that, the resource should attempt to be put into any free slot in your inventory, and failing that, be dropped on the ground.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Turbiii View Post
    Bug Description: GPU full utilization all time (95-100%) - GTX960 MSI 4G
    Actually this is normal operation, not a bug. Your GPU weaker than your friends' GPU.
    I assume, you bought the graphics card to use it, now you have full use of your money.

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