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    Post Sorcery A18 is coming SOON!


    • Play 7D2D as a balanced post apocalyptic zombie vanquishing Sorcerer. Through training and discovery, you'll learn how to deport the undead straight back to hell casting elemental spells of Fire, Ice and Lightning.
    • Unique animations, art, effects and sounds for spells and items
    • Pure Spellcaster playstyle
    • Spellcrafting: 5 unique abilities for each unique spell
    • Spell Ammo Crafting: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Omni
    • Alchemy Crafting: Potions, Elixirs, Potion Bombs
    • Armor Crafting: Fire, Ice, Lightning Armor Sets
    • Rune Crafting: Fire, Ice, Lightning Rune Mods
    • Spell Weapon Abilities: primary, secondary, passive, charge
    • New Attribute: Sorcery
    • New Dual Skill Tree and Perks
    • Fire, Ice, Lightning Mastery: learn how to craft and augment spells
    • Spellcast Mastery: primary, secondary, passive and charge abilities
    • Rune Mastery: harness the power of Runes to augment your spells
    • Essence Mastery: demystify and awaken the elemental essence of the world to extract and craft spells and weapons with essence.
    • Fire, Ice, Lightning Spells: upgrade each spell with five alterations

    Latest Version: 0.85 - The Awakening

    Sorcery, The Awakening (v0.85) is now LIVE and FULLY PLAYABLE!

    Download Sorcery

    MANUAL: Modlet, Pure XML
    You install Sorcery just as you would any other pure XML Modlet. However, I cannot stress enough how horrible your experience will be (no text in-game) if you do not follow these steps of adding the (Localization Text):


    1. Download: (latest version)
    2. Unzip:
    3. Drag-n-Drop: The Sorcery folder only, found within the unzipped Sorcery-master folder, directly into your Mods folder (\7 Days To Die\Mods). Create the Mods folder here if it doesn't already exist.
    4. Verify Mod Path: (\7 Days To Die\Mods\Sorcery)
    5. Open Localizations: (\7 Days To Die\Mods\Sorcery\Localization.txt) & (Localization - Quest.txt)
    6. Copy All Text: CTRL+A then CTRL+C (or right-click: Select All then Copy)
    7. Open Game Localizations: (\7 Days To Die\Data\Config\Localization.txt) & (Localization - Quest.txt)
    8. DELETE OLD SORCERY LOCALIZATION TEXT (if updating from older version): Found at the very bottom of the Localization file, you'll delete the OLD Sorcery Localization Text that you previously pasted in the last update. You can easily detect the start of the text as it is separated by many blank lines and starts with the following text: "SORCERY_START,,LOCALIZATION,,START,,,,,".
    9. Paste Localization: Scroll to the very bottom/end of the main game Localization.txt you just opened. Ensure there is no more text, just blank space. Now create one new blank line by pressing Enter. Then Paste the Sorcery Localization you Copied earlier: CTRL+V (or right-click blank space at the very bottom/end, then: Paste)
    10. Verify & Save: If everything looks good, Save the Localization.txt file: CTRL+S
    11. AWAKEN ESSENCE: You're ready to play as a post-apocalyptic harbinger of the elements... may your training commence!

    Sorcery is fully integrated into the 7D2D Mod Launcher, as an SDX Mod, with automatic Localization handling... praise The Gods (and @sphereii)! If you already have the latest version of the Mod Launcher, simply run it and install Sorcery there. Otherwise, follow these steps to get started:

    1. Steam Sync: Open Steam, right-click 7 Days to Die, select Properties, select Local Files, select Verify Integrity of Game Files. This will ensure you're using a clean version of the game, which is required for use with the Mod Launcher.
    2. Download Launcher: 7D2D Mod Launcher
    3. Install Launcher: Run the launcher installer SetupInstaller.msi
    4. Run Launcher: Locate and select Sorcery within the mods list.
    5. Install Sorcery: With Sorcery selected, click Install Game Copy.
    6. Delete Mods Folder: You may be prompted to delete a detected Mods Folder; I recommend selecting "Yes". You can install additional Mods with Sorcery later, if desired.
    7. Pre-Sync Mod: Finally, select Pre-Sync Mod, then "Yes" you would like to download it.
    8. AWAKEN ESSENCE: Play Mod and you're ready to play as a post-apocalyptic harbinger of the elements... may your training commence!

    ** Game Updates: You must Uninstall and Reinstall Sorcery through the launcher when new game updates are released. Don't worry, your saves are safe and will be retained. If you experience any errors, repeat step #1.

    ** Visit @sphereii's 7D2D Mod Launcher Thread for more info regarding it

    TFP for creating and improving this ridiculously awesome game, while also providing the ability to making this type of modding available.

    Supporters make ongoing development possible!

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