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Thread: Console users discounted PC version?

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    Console users discounted PC version?

    I was an earlier on purchaser of the PS4 version. I have since quit playing as of a year ago due to the issues with the rights, lack of updates, and whatnot. I among many others really enjoyed the game while it was being updated as its a very unique and interesting game.
    With all that said, what are the chances the console players could be offered a discounted price on the PC version so we could continue playing the game without forking over the full prices as we have kind of gotten the shaft end of the deal on console.
    Not having any updates, nor news on when/if console editions will ever be revived is quite bothersome. I just don't want to give up completely on the game, but its very hard not to.

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    Keep an eye out for sales. It often drops below $20, and Humble even had it down to $8 recently.

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