2 friends who love to build random poi's looking for a few more people to play with. Fresh server on day 4 as of post. Server is running better balance mod, loot is set to 300% and xp is 150%. Xp gains are increased from mod also. increased backpack size. Way less grindy than vanilla.

Locally hosted server running 24/7 on latest experimental build. We usually play at nights between 5est and 12est. Server is public now, but will change to private if we get enough people. Any questions contact me on steam

Server Name: Cooler Server Name
direct ip is, 26900
Seed:trybigger, 8192
Day length: 90min
19 hour day
Check out https://7daystodie.com/forums/showth...er-Balance-Mod for more info on balance mod.