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Thread: Alpha 18 Dev Diary!!

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    Have animals been made immune to Cactus yet? nothing worse then losing rabbits and hearing them die as they run from you in the desert...Didn't really go thru to much desert in my A17 playthrough...If they haven't , animals should definitely not be killed by the local plant life!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aldranon View Post
    I think most people want New York City to be the next 7D2D.

    -Skyscrapers, Sewers and Subways, oh my!
    -Zipline from one skyscraper to another.

    Your character, copied from 7D2D part 1 (you'll need it), starts out on the New Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel. There's a small, slowly growing settlement, set up at the park near the tunnel opening. They say someone or something has blocked the tunnel. Clear the tunnel and reach their scouts in the Hell's Kitchen Borrow.

    New York is mostly overrun with zombies, rumors abound about the JFK airport and everyone says don't go underground if you want to live!

    Or something.
    I'd prefer Louisiana so we can get a nice swamp biome, and zombie alligators.

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    Please tell me what version of the engine will use A18?

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    Just a thought on the really large POIs. Anyway that they could hold their state until X was opened/completed?

    Couple reasons. If it were possible to partially complete a large POI and then come back later to finish it they could maybe be even bigger.

    And it could basically prevent 'cheesing' the loot.

    Would likely need to be combined with one of the mechanics discussed above that could track 'progress', and also allow Stealth players to do their thing without forcing them to kill em all.

    I would dearly love to see some really huge POIs. Ones that might take a stealth player a week to fully run.

    Just a wag on my part but huge POIs came to mind when occlusion started being discussed. And another wag makes me think the state data for 'not completed yet' POIs might be managable if it wasn't every POI.

    Say a new massive POI like an international airport were added. There could be a bunch of individual POIs as part of the 'complex', like hangers and parking garages. Those could use current system; reset if player/s leave for 15 seconds. But maybe Terminal 1 & 2 are each larger than the current skyscrapers; those could be a bunch of sections/areas that would maintain state until the entire terminal was completed.

    Edit: on the cheesing bit. Personally it's no skin off my nose if peeps nerdpole up to the roof loot, but SP only here. For other game types I can see how having it too easy to cheese is a bad idea, but it's also basically impossible to prevent all abuse. Adding a 'positive' to any new anti-cheese mechanic seems like a pretty good idea... the positive being that you could back off if needed, or if you're getting in over your head, without losing all your progress.
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