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Thread: Native Linux server (with management scripts)

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    Native Linux server (with management scripts)

    Hi there,

    as it was suggested to me I open a new thread on my management scripts and native Linux server support. This is basically following up on the thread Dedicated Server without hacky workarounds though this is in Linux Bugs where it might be overlooked.

    I created a full set of management scripts for a Linux based 7dtd server. This allows basic operations like starting/stopping as well as advanced things like a few event hooks.

    (This also includes native Linux engine files so you do not have to use workarounds like Wine to run 7dtd. Unfortunately these files are 32 Bit only so far but at least they can be run on 64 Bit hosts without any problems.) No longer valid, 7dtd provides "built in" 32 bit and 64 bit Linux support since A14

    For the full documentation on the management scripts go to

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