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Thread: My journal: part 4

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    My journal: part 4

    My journal, part 4 by Sillls

    [COLOR="#008000"This is part 4 of a series of story's I am writing about the game 7D2D. You should read the first three Journals I've posted first. I write to be both entertaining and add tips to help new seasoned players be better in the game.
    Disclaimer: This survival writing in this Journal should not be used as a survival guild in real life.

    My journal: part 4

    I haven't written in a while since because we have been so busy, constantly on the move both to avoid zombies and to find supply's. It's been a constant struggle just finding enough food and clean water and other necessity's. Just staying one step ahead of the reaper, so to speak.

    We, me and my friend agreed to move north to the more hospitable climate in hopes of bettering our chances.
    To that end, we have fallen into a routine. We go to an area and scout it. Find the best area and build a small makeshift base, then go around looting the buildings before moving on. So far this has worked well for us as we have found everything we need to survive. We've even found a few traders near by that have set up shop that are willing to trade with us.

    I guess some things never change.

    Earlier today we looted this bar/restaurant, We went up to the door and hit it a few times knowing that it would wake up all the zombies in earshot. In this case, a lot of them. They were nice enough to bashed the door down for us, we waited, watching our backs for any stragglers. When they broke through, we shot them and cleared the rest of the building.
    We almost died when we got surprised by a couple of zombie bears that died and reanimated up on the second floor. They were extremely tough and fast. Boy they were fast! I never new anything that big could move so quickly.
    Fortunately we were able to use the makeshift barricades to hold them back while we cleared them out. They were like bullet sponges, even when we shot them in the head. But we had to kill them or risk getting attacked by them in the open. We knew if that happened, we wouldn't stand a chance.

    We cleared the rest of the building, took everything of value and ran back to the base. I was in the process of scraping these books when I found, one happened to be the ledger. I recognized the transitions and accounts but hardly cared. I was tearing them out to make cartridges for our shotgun shells when I noticed that someone had used part of it for a journal. Intrigued, I read it. then took it out and added the pages to my own journal. It appears to be the account short and violent ordeal of what happened in that restaurant. Some of it was hard to read and the writer seemed to ramble on at parts and stop abruptly at times but I get what he was sayin.

    What follows is that account.

    The bombs fell, Oh God. I hear screaming, people running around, body's and debris everywhere nobody knows what do to. Crap!

    Some of us stayed here, me my coworkers and some people who happened to be here.

    Been here days. I can't reach anyone, Crap! Crap! What the hell are we to do?!?
    Some people started getting sick.
    Days past, more dead. We took there body's and though them out into the street, do many corpses and the smell, Oh God the stench!

    It seems like weeks, were running out of food. Some of us are going out to find more. Some suggested that we kill those bears upstairs and eat them but Bob's against it. He's raised them since they were cubs. they are like his pets.

    disaster! Crap! my friends just got back, said they were attacked my these cannibals, they just attacked them without wraning. All of them hurt, no Dr. and only a first aid kit here.

    My everybody in that group is very sick. Don't want to go out but running out of food and now out of medicine. No water and power keeps goin out.

    Things are looking up, yeah! I and a few others went out, found some food and water some medicine to. Hell yeah! But my friend's worse. He's got a fever and sleeps a lot.

    My friend is dead today and all we can do is leave his body out in the street. Sick. I'm sorry man.
    Everyone in that first group is now dead. We took them out and laid them in the street next to the rest.

    Last night we got attacked by those cannibals! Beast! They just pinned down the first guy and started chewing on him. We faught them off but he guys that got attacked is in bad shape. Died soon after.
    Stared boarding up the windows and doors with whatever we could find. but we need to find more food and water. With out that.

    Those things attacked again. They broke though and attacked us, but killed them but most are hurt. barricaded the door and made the others stronger.
    So few of us left. We decided to barricade the upper floor and move there, it's too open down here, too few to of us left.

    It's been days and the last group that went out never came back. Don't know what happened. Most of us are sick.

    We throw there body's down to the lower floor. I know it's bad but none of us want to go down there. Not wanting to tear down the barricade, Those cannibals, I can hear them outside. It terrifying.

    Last night someone said they saw this cannibal jump over a car, we thought that he got drunk again. One thing about begin here is we still have plenty of booze, ha.

    I can't stand it anymore, I used to drown my feelings with booze but it's just not doing it anymore. I'm going down to have a look for supply's and help tomorrow.

    Crap! Got Bit! My friend, I saw him he was alive but he bit me! I hit him and he fell. I think I killed him. I didn't dare tell the others.

    Those things attacked again. They broke though the barricades and charged upstairs. We fought them but they nearly tore though the barricades on the stairwell. That's when Bob opened up the cages and set the bears lose on the cannibals. Then some idiot though a firebomb on the stairs, nearly burned the place down with us in it. Be we put it out but.
    I wanted to kill that guy.

    We decided to tear down that part of the stairwell to keep them from coming up. They were about to fall off anyway due to fire. Plus those things were just outside.

    I think I am seeing things. Thought I saw some of the body's on the floor move. Better lay off of the booze.

    Everybody sick, I think we are going to die here. Running out of food. We placed the body's on the far side of the second floor. Don't have the strength to though them off anymore. Bears both sick, Bob's really upset.

    Tired, sore, just want to sleep.

    End ledger journal.

    It's sad but it was typical to what happened it seems. No one, (myself included) knows what's going on. Me and my partner just keep moving, knowing that the reaper is just one step me behind me.
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