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Thread: 17.x (all) Zombies glitching through a wall of 50 inch pillar columns

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    Exclamation 17.x (all) Zombies glitching through a wall of 50 inch pillar columns

    Hi devs,

    This has been an issue since 17.x launched, and easily reproduce-able.

    Reproduction step:
    - Create a 5 x 5 square cage of 50 inch pillars, stand inside and spawning zombies outside.

    - Zombies randomly glitch through the columns whilst trying to get to you. Doesn't matter if they are small or fat, and this wasn't an issue in 16.x or earlier.

    - Players cannot pass through
    - This might be an AI pathing override bug rather than a collision box or animation issue, since zombies also get obsessed with corner columns and it's hard to get zombies to actually attack you unless you stand right up close against the 50 inch columns.


    (edit added comment by QA Tester-unholyjoe)

    known issue and already reported


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    I believe this is on purpose. TFP didn't like players using pillars to protect against zombies, so allow zombies to walk through the gaps.

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