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Thread: TOP 5 BASES IN ALPHA 17 ARE HERE !! zombie abuse

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roland View Post
    Supposedly with the fixes in A17.2 they wouldn't all do that. Some would abandon whatever long pathway they are detecting and start destroying nearby blocks. That vid is from 17.1 so it would be interesting to see the same base in a new game started with 17.2
    the dishong tactic is tested in A17.2 and its still working
    the path is too short but yet taking too long for them to climb up and back down

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    Quote Originally Posted by ricp View Post
    While it's hardly perfect, it's clear the AI is better. Long gone are cases of zombies just running around in circles or permajumping next to a fence because it can't get over, yet won't go around or damage it.

    As the AI has become more complex there is now more room for scope in regard to how they "misbehave". This is demonstrated by the lengths people go to to try and confuse/beat/exploit* it. Previously in A16 it was as dumb as a bag of hammers and needed little encouragement to make fools of themselves.

    Still work to do of course, these things are not easy to get right. That's the benefit from people trying to outsmart the AI as it gives great test cases to improve on.

    There's still the "existential" debate about whether the AI should be able to path to you despite not being able to see such a path (ie: as in should they have innate understanding of a building's structure?) or whether each pathing decision should be contextual on a step by step basis. While I think we'd all like to see the latter, I just feel that due to the ease of generic pathing within Unity and the amount of extra processing it would take to undertake a per step approach that we'll just have to live with them being a bit psychic in regards to how to get to you. After all, if it was the option of a ton more zombies or the same number but more "realistic" than now, I reckon most would go with upping the zombie count limit - with the obvious caveats of performance and optimisation, of course.

    (Minor edit: I should say, I have no intimate knowledge of the code. I base my assumptions, and they are that, on what I see on screen combined with some experience in software dev.)

    (* delete as applicable)
    No matter how good and complex the code is.
    If the end result is worse than the simple when - then it doesn't fit, and the complexity of its development - is not an excuse. Especially if it also will limit something.
    Yes, circling zombies in A16 is not the best choice for the behavior, but it was the "beginning of improvement" that we got now.
    But compared with Alpha1 - there is only deterioration.
    I respect the work of programmers, but to be honest - i do not see any improvement or any potential in this.
    I understand that a good result is obtained not immediately and it takes time and work. But my concern is based on the fact that , very often , developers can not finish complex things and leave them in such a state, without returning what previously worked well.
    Maybe it's just "temporary" and i want to be wrong

    Don't compare the new behavior with A16 (circling) - this is wrong! This is exactly where the evolution of this "smart AI" that we are now seeing began!
    Compare with the earlier code and it will be clear that nothing is better.
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