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Thread: Weapon Attachments

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    The weapon and tool modifications largely match many other aspects of the game. Ambiguous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drunkwolf View Post
    what if each mod slot on a weapon or armor was labeled like sights or grip or muzzle and so on, then mods that go to those slots could have a little icon. and instead of finding say a smg with 1 mod slot you find a smg with 1 muzzle slot or 1 sight slot or if its 2 slots maybe a muzzle slot and a grip slot, could be random. and it would keep people from not knowing if 2 mods are the same and cant go on the weapon together.

    plus maybe we can get mods that are specific weapons, lazer sight for smg or lazer sight for ak. instead of just lazer sight fits everything.
    Far to limiting on the combinations that you can do. There are more than 5 'types' of attachments for most items.

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