Hello and welcome to Pandemonium PvP!

This server is geared towards being fast paced and getting gamer's into the fray quickly. I have installed several mods on this server to speed up certain things and to add some other elements to the game. Below is a list of mods and server configs.

All of these mods are server side and do not require the player to download anything.

•PVP - Kill everyone

•Drop bag only on death.

•3.5x xp

•3.5x Loot

•16x online landclaim modifier

•16x offline landclaim modifier

•Increased speed on repair tools - build faster

•Balanced prefab distribution mod - Better prefabs with this one, no more 30 of the same building in one spot.

•Bigger cities mod - We now have sprawling cities, less of nothing, more of something.

•Faster crafting mod - Based on intelligence perk

•Faster vehicles mod

•Improved power tools mod

•Bloodmoon trickle mod - zombies will not stop coming after 3 waves now.

•More zombies in the wilderness Mod

•Bigger wandering hordes Mod

•Zero encumbrance from armor Mod

•Many custom recipes - grass cutter, acid, beaker etc etc...

•Cars respawn mod - When you wrench a car to nothing it will turn to grass, leave the grass as it is and it will respawn as a car in 15 in game days.

•Scrap dukes casino coins into brass - No more so much money you cant use it, now you can scrap it down and make that precious ammo

•Secured Hardened Chest mod - Custom recipe to craft a chest with 2500 hp, more protection in pvp.

•Allocs Server fixes and BCManager are installed.

•Botman Server manager - adds a ton of functionality for both the admin and the players.

Search for Pandemonium PvP to find us. Hope to see you there soon!