So I had an idea concerning airdrops. The way airdrops are now, they are great early game since they are 95% food items. However, once you start farming you can really sustain yourself and airdrops almost become useless. What if you could craft flares (maybe unlocked via Advanced Engineering perk) that can influence your next airdrop. Each flare would be one time use and there would be flares for different materials, like one for ammo, one for more first aid items, one for parts (mech parts, springs, electical parts, etc), or what ever else you could think of. This way, you have some control over what is in your airdrop and it makes the airdrops more relevant as the game goes on. Just fire off a flare of what ever type you want and your next drop will contain items based on the flare. And if you want food, just don't fire one and the drop will be basically what it is by default.

Just a thought, like I said, after the first week or 2 in the game I don't even bother going for airdrops anymore because by that point I'm usually quite set on food and it's not worth the trip for what ever else may be in them.