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Thread: Quest gives skill points and Level Up gives no skill point

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    Quest gives skill points and Level Up gives no skill point

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    Another level gate idea in the form of earning skill points in quests.

    • Quests gives skill points, increase the amount as the tier increases.
    • Attributes level up at the player level.
    • Perks level up with skill points, and the need increases as the perks level goes up.
    • No level gate by player level or attributes level.
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    Very good could do as
    Gnamod Horde Kill Zombie by casinoCoin and SkillPoints

    <quest id="quest_KillingForDukes1" group_name="Killing For Dukes" category="quest"
    name="Killing For Dukes 1" subtitle="Kill more Zombies!" description="You will need to keep at least 2 slots of your inventory free, one for the coins you earn and one to continue doing this quest when it ends. If you lose the quest note, use the creative menu for a new one and look for q_GnamodZombieKilling."
    offer="Still alive?\n\nWell Then why not go kill some more zombies to earn some more cash?\n\nHappy Hunting!,\nHaidrGna"
    icon="ui_game_symbol_zombie" repeatable="true" difficulty="insane">
    <action type="TrackQuest"/>
    <objective type="ZombieKill" value="25"/>

    <reward type="Item" id="casinoCoin" value="5000"/>
    <reward type="Quest" id="quest_KillingForDukes2"/>

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