Since I've been toying around with mods lately, I find myself wishing that I could just flip a switch in the game options to toggle the general game type. I'm much more a fan of slow moving, lumbering hordes that swamp you in numbers vs. the fast moving, adrenaline charged tear-your-face-off types of more modern movies.

I'd like a "traditional zombie" mode that disables the Blood Moon night as we know it and replaces it with intermittent wandering hordes of epic proportion, disables ladder climbing, disables all jumping aside from spider monkeys, drastically reduces zombie block damage (perhaps except for exploding cops), drastically increases the number of zombies on the map in general (cities and towns should be swamped, nature less so), and increases the likelihood of wandering hordes. I think it could be argued here that spiders, cops, ferals, etc. should also be optional in this variant. I just want plain 'ol zombies a-la Walking Dead or Romero.

It seems to me that this game really hinges on the horde nights as the main "gotcha", but I'd like this toggle to swap that out with wandering hordes instead. And, I'm not talking 4 dogs and 10 zombies here... I'm talking the type of horde whose collective groaning and growling creates a cacophony of white noise as it approaches; a proverbial sea of zombies that you have to "kite" well out of the way lest it destroy everything in its path. I want a horde that descends and sticks around for a while, forcing you to relocate if you're too slow to respond. The kind that catches you while crafting, where you look out the window to see what's going on and you're surrounded by zombies. No, not house or base destroying zombies, but ones that pound on the walls incessantly and break windows... Perhaps sustained damage to wood only.

Since we're talking Pimp Dreams, this is my dream.