Hope I picked the right place for this. This isn't a crash-and-burn type bug, this is more of a UI design issue.

Summary: Secret hidden binds annoying at best
Version: Alpha 17.2 B27
Platform: PC
OS/Version: Windows 7
All game modes, any map

Did you wipe old saves? No
Did you start a new game? Yes
Did you validate your files? No
Are you using any mods? Either
EAC on or off ? Either

Status: NEW

Bug Description: I've got a weird, non-standard binding layout, so this will probably not affect anybody else, but it's annoying me.

a) The Scope Zoom functions are overloaded: when Zoom are bound to the mouse wheel, the mouse wheel scrolls through the toolbelt. I use the middle mouse button as my secondary action (normally bound to right mouse), and it's constantly cycling through my toolbelt when I don't want it to. It turns out I can simply un-bind the Scope Zoom functions and the mouse wheel no longer affects the toolbelt selection. Of course, that means I can't use Scope Zoom*.

a1) If I bind the Scope Zoom functions to keys instead of the mouse wheel, it causes the toolbelt selection to jump around wildly when using the Scope Zoom keys. Turns out it's just a very, very fast auto-repeat on those keys. Note that this does not affect the separate Toolbelt navigation buttons.

b) I use right mouse for moving forward (by default mapped to W). Pressing right mouse to move the vehicle forward locks the wheels straight while in mouse-steering mode, so I cannot steer with the mouse while applying gas. I can steer in this mode by releasing the mouse button momentarily, but this is annoying at best. I can switch to keyboard mode (left click toggles between the modes) and steer with my strafe keys, but mouse steering is more intuitive (especially in reverse) and gives me more control.

Reproduce steps:
a) Bind Scope Zoom In and Scope Zoom Out to Mouse Wheel + and Mouse Wheel -. Spinning the mouse wheel changes the toolbelt selection. Unbind both Scope Zoom functions and the mouse wheel no longer changes the toolbelt selection.
a1) Bind Scope Zoom In and/or Scope Zoom Out to keyboard keys. Note that pressing either of those keys causes the selection cursor to scroll through the toolbelt very quickly.
b) Unbind the right mouse button everywhere. While driving a vehicle and using the mouse for steering, press the right mouse button. Note that it forces the wheels straight. If you use the right mouse button for Forward, it requires you to use the keyboard to steer while under power.

Actual result: Certain controls have hidden functionality that causes unexpected behaviors when using non-traditional control layouts.

Expected result: Controls should only perform functions they are explicitly bound to. Should a function require to be bound to a control, it should show as an option in the binding menus rather than overloading other binds. (Usually.)

Since this is a design issue, logs would be irrelevant. Likewise the dynamic nature of the issue renders screenshots useless. Instead I've made a video that can be seen here: https://youtu.be/667yObU5xAE It's 14 minutes of unscripted babbling, sorry about that.

*TBH I don't know what Scope Zoom does. I spend a couple minutes in the video trying to figure it out. I'm going to make a mental leap here and assume it's simply a zoom function for scopes that support it, and that it did nothing because I don't have one of those.