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Thread: BUg found in latest build Alpha 17.2 plus

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    BUg found in latest build Alpha 17.2 plus

    I browsed through some posts and did not see this posted

    I crafted a tier 6 miner's helmet and it gave no light ability. I even had a helmet light mod which I put on the tier 6 Helmet I made and it still would not give light. I owned a tier 2 for comparison which is why I wanted to build a tier 6.

    Shotgun damage appears to be weak at 14 points and mods do not seem to increase it more than a point each. Pistols are more at about 30 plus points of damage with mods giving it a 3 - 5 point boost and plain bows are also about 30 plus making shotguns inferior to bows and pistols

    Thank you for seemingly taking the cursing and foulness out from the traders dialog. I didn't care for it.

    The zombies, although made smarter through the intelligent AI, seem more predictable and less scarier. I would recommend that perhaps every other zombie in a zombie horde or 7 night horde be given the old subroutine or the dumber intelligent routine to make them less predictable and more destructive, and ultimately more scarier - maybe also make random ones more quicker by a little more. This is suggested for the normal game before all the tweak you have already allowed before playing.

    At my multiplayer game base we, 2 of us, are experiencing random hordes spawning in near our base every hour or so game play time. Maybe that is not too bad but they spawn in from the sky, sometimes right on top of our heads while we are upgrading the base. It would be more immersive to have them spawn a distance a way and walk towards the base ( or run ). It is very non-immersive to have 2 bears fall from the sky on to our heads. Or watch as army men pop in from the sky landing on top of each other, fighting to get off of their heads before they can come after us. Perhaps spawn from behind trees or rocks or even come up from the ground - although that would be freaky.

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    helmet light: press F to toggle the light on and off. if you have multiple devices (eg, weapon flashlight, laser sight, so on) hold F for a radial menu, similar to loading different ammo.

    shotguns are intended to be "weak" because they have a "blast": they release multiple pellets in a cone, and EACH hit deals that damage. your actual damage is 14~21 points times the number of hits. like almost all FPS games, shotguns are intended for close range, and at that range they can be one of the most powerful weapons. at longer range, the pellets have scattered a lot, and the damage is quite low. (if you absolutely must use a shotgun at long range, consider "solid slug" ammo.)

    i've never had a group of zombies spawn "on top" of me... try using a land claim block?
    however, if you are doing a lot of work at your base (furnace burning, stove cooking, workbenches crafting, etc) it creates "heat" (aka "activity") too much heat causes screamers to spawn. screamers, while being kind of pretty (if you're into that goth/japanese horror look) do terrible things like summon mobs of zombies on top of you. (they've always come running/shuffling from the side for me... but again, that might be the land claim block)

    tl;dr - these "bugs" all sound like misunderstood mechanics to me. but do make an update if i've made any incorrect assumptions.

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