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Thread: Type "gfx pp enable 0" in the console for a huge performance boost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FerMeister View Post
    What about adding back the FoV slider, I mean the option is working, why have us typing sg OptionsFieldOfViewNew every time we open the game?
    Maybe spite?

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    Quote Originally Posted by faatal View Post
    Shadows on cause it to render all the objects around each shadow casting light, so it tends to be expensive, but should not be as bad as you are seeing. It is using OpenGL on linux, so probably some edge case of bad performance in Unity and/or your drivers. For A18 I shortened shadow distances (low is much shorter) and added one more distance setting, but may not do much in your case.

    What resolution are you running at?
    I tried some older nVidia drivers, going back to the 390 series, and there was no change. I played around a bit more and I realized that the difference between 45 fps and 5 fps seems to have to do with what I'm looking at and specifically how many torches are in the direction I'm looking - even if they are inside the houses. If I look out at a city that has not been explored and therefore has few lights, I get 45fps with shadows maxed out. If I turn around and look at the settlement my players are building, which has a lot of torches inside the houses, fps drops as low as 5. Many torches = lots of lighting to render = poor fps.

    One thing I notice is that it appears that light rendering is being done on polygons that the player can't see.

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    The new options in A17.4 are nice, but we really need one that disables post processing completely (like what 'gfx pp enable 0' does). I still have to type it to get full FPS potential.

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    Faatal, just tested all the SS Reflection thing with 17.4, take a look:

    Exact scenarios like this post

    All 1440p vsync off, I7 7700k, GTX 1080 latest drivers, w10. Using new 17.4 presets.

    Looking inside a lonely house:
    ultra: 41 fps
    ultra, ssr off: 108
    high: 42
    high /ssr off: 118
    medium: 147
    medium /ssr on: 46
    low: 218
    low /ssr on: 169

    Severe performance drop with SSR On, almost no visual difference. Little FPS difference between reflection quality from low to ultra, but from medium to high I get noticeable stuttering, and you can see the spikes in MSI afterburner overlay graph.

    Looking at a water lake:
    ultra: 74 fps
    ultra /ssr off: 106
    high: 79
    high /ssr off: 113
    medium: 135
    medium /ssr on: 91
    low: 200
    low ssr /on: 113

    The fps drop is heavy with SSR On but not like inside buildings. 0 visual difference with SSR, controlled fully with reflection quality option.

    Dunno if AMD users get that big drop with SSR off, but it's clear with a modern beefy nvidia card is by far the most demanding setting with almost no visual feedback. I recommend everyone to try reflection quality medium and ssr off, and TFP should set SSR off even in ultra preset by default to avoid complaints from most users.

    On the other hand
    1. View distance option is not touched by presets, shouldn't be high at least for ultra preset?
    2. Tree quality should be renamed to mesh or model quality, look at zombies and play with that option
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    SSR is not hard to see. It does make a difference.



    The SSR effect actually has a variety of values. I tested various combinations this week and A18 now has Low, Medium and High SSR settings. These have about 25%, 45% and 90% of the overhead of A17's SSR.

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    this says incompatible execute command in console.. am i doing it wrong? xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chronosphere View Post
    this says incompatible execute command in console.. am i doing it wrong? xD
    Server have to allow you to implement that change.

    Admin of the server must to add

    <permission cmd="gfx" permission_level="1000" />

    To the permissions section inside serveradmin.xml (it's where the saves are stored). Then players can run it.

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