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Thread: 1911 45 pistol

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    1911 45 pistol

    So as of now we have 2 pistols to choose from, the pee shooter M9 berretta and the heap big boom .44 Mag. i want to propose that we add a happy medium and a classic. the 1911 colt 45. you will need to add a new bullet .45 but this will bridge the gap nicely. way more damage than the 9mm but not quite as much as the .44, way more mag capacity than the .44 but not quite as much as the 9mm, between the existing pistols the 45 will be the happy medium and lets face it the game is based in america and the 1911 is the iconic handgun of good ol USA. if a fun pimp sees this and likes it they are welcome to pm me on discord (Lucky Wolf) and i will be happy to discuss details and help anyway i can. i know a good bit about firearms and ballistics.

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    I know it's not official, but hey, it has what you want, so here you go...

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    If they were to add the 1911, they could also add the Thompson as well....

    Also some cowboy revolvers take .45 acp.

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