Introducing 7 Days to Die Server #2 ~{Vanilla 17.3 }~ From Two Penguins Gaming.

Opens Friday May 31st at 7PM Eastern Time!!! DAY 1!!!

Fresh Map 6k x 6k +/-
120 Min 24 hr cycles
20 hr days
Zombies Walk Day/ Jog Night and Blood Moon
Blood Moon set at 14 Days with a 3 day variance
Loot Re-spawn 21 days
Hidden Bonus Treasures
Air Drop every 72 hours

Game Hosted on Logic Servers = Quality

Absolutely NO VAC or Community Bans for any game or any platform for last 7 years.

Open to ages 18+
(Unless parent plays on server as well)

Must send friend request to Chaplain on Steam:

Must send friend Request on Discord to: 2PG Chaplain#5726

10 Slots first come first served.

Reserved slot with $5 Monthly membership which includes access to Admin 24/7 if there is an issue with server. As well as a great big thank you!

As we fill up and have memberships we will expand slots 5 at a time.
Memberships limited to 1/2 of total slots.