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Thread: A17.3 - How to find traders?

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    Question A17.3 - How to find traders?

    I want to map all the traders - are they listed in an XML file?

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    On the Navezgane map they are always in the same place so that's easy.

    Trader "Traitor" Joel - 950 N, 1052 W
    Trader Hugh - 1324 N, 1405 E
    Trader Bob - 1333 S, 1005 E
    Trader Rekt - 105 N, 320 E
    Trader Jen - 1306 S, 769 W

    On a random generated map they are random. You'd have to look in your saved game folder in
    C:/user name/Appdata/Roaming/7DaysToDie/Saves/Map Name. Look for a file named prefabs.xml and search for settlement_trader in there. The location is shown as an x,y,z coordinate so you can ignore the middle number because that is the height. You just need the first and last numbers, the first being N/S and the last being E/W. As always a negative is South for the first number and West for the second.
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