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Thread: GamePlebs PVE - A17.3

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    GamePlebs PVE - A17.3

    "GamePlebs PVE - A17.3" server is now live!
    (Found in moded server browser list)

    This is a challenging PVE server.
    It is NOT for the faint of heart or anyone who is looking for a hand out.
    You will be tested, you will be pushed to your limits...

    Key Features:
    100 Block Claim

    200 dead zone

    200 bag protection

    100% protection for 30 days (We all have a life outside the game).

    12k map

    12 traders to cover all areas

    Random spawn points
    Randomized Bloodmoons

    Traders have extended open hours and a massive inventory list.

    XP Boosts
    Higher tier zombies give more XP
    Farming and gathering are now a viable way to level as well.

    Economy system and a shop

    Region protection

    Lots of custom coded server side mods and consistent QOL updates.

    No downloads required on your part.

    Active admin staff and feature rich discord you can join if you want to join the server.
    Planned special events and prizes as the server population grows.

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    Password protected / white listed ?

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